Artful Adventures – Interview with Mark Leibowitz

Mark Leibowitz is part of my book Artful Adventures in Mixed Media and I thought it would be interesting to hear more about him and some of his thoughts. Grab a seat and a cuppa and listen to this interesting conversation which I think you will enjoy. We are talking about things like

  • NYC Urban Sketchers
  • “Anywhere on earth there is a beautiful picture to be found”
  • Sketching People and the Fear of Sketching People
  • The Baggage we bring to creating
  • Why do we create
  • The connection between memory and art

Artful Adventures Interview with Mark Leibowitz from Nathalie Kalbach on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoyed the interview – I sure did – let us know what you think about some of the topics.


BTW if you are in the NYC/NJ area – come to my book signing on Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 at The Ink Pad in NYC !

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  • Lou


    I am sooo excited about Artful Adventures and I am positive it’s out of this world. I totally adore Nathalie and her kind and playful ways, not to mention her many giftings in mixed media. I think this book will teach and help me with many things, but I am especially excited about learning how to discover and expand on my own creativity. I have been stuck in the rut of merely replicating someone else’s backgrounds and ideas, and am anxious to find my own style in mixed media. Thank you Nathalie for your long awaited for book.


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