Tattered Angels – New Colors of Glimmer Mist

These new colors of Glimmer Mist will be available for one year (until summer 2011 CHA).

FALL 2010

This collection was inspired by the beautiful colors of Fall fashion. From warm chartreuse, to Bold Navy Blue and vivid Fuchsia… this collection mirrors the beautiful colors that nature and fashion offer crafters during the fall season. These bold colors are the perfect palette for blending with each other for to create even more beautiful glimmer mist colors. With Glimmer Mist colors this beautiful… you will wish Summer to be over just so you can start working on your fall projects!


Apple is a golden chartreuse with a golden copper glimmer.


Autumn Nights is a deep navy blue with a midnight blue glimmer.



Dragonfly is a deep teal with a golden green glimmer.


Granite is a medium gray with a blackish silvery gray glimmer.


Pomegranate is a warm vivid berry fuchsia with an opalescent turquoise glimmer.


Sugar Maple is a warm rustic orange with a coppery golden glimmer.




Retro Holidays are not a thing of the past with this warm collection inspired by the holidays of yore. This bright collection will offer crafters the opportunity to create project that are not just for Christmas but for other celebrated holidays of the season such as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. This collections offers a versatile palette that will work beyond the holiday season and into any crafting project year round. The colors have been inspired by vintage Holiday characters, packaging and toys to give crafters a beautiful palette that will also invoke a sense of nostalgia. With this beautiful color spectrum of colors all of your holiday needs are set!

Gumdrop is a medium to light green with a bold golden glimmer.


Jack Frost is a cool cerulean blue with a silvery white glimmer.


Jingle Bells is a bright marigold yellow with an opalescent golden green glimmer.


Santa Baby is a fun and bright red with a bold green glimmer.

Snow Queen is a pale platinum like light coat offering a pale gray base with a light golden glimmer.

Sugar Plum Fairy is a warm burgundy purple with a soft pink glimmer.

Ohhh yummie- don’t you think!!!!!


Comments (4)

  • Sue Clarke


    Jack Frost and Santa Baby are calling out to me. Thanks for sharing the new colors Nat.


  • Karen


    I’m torn between the Dragonfly and the Gumdrop.


  • Daphne


    oooooooooooooooh! Santa Baby :-)) and Granite…
    on my wishlist!!


  • Kim Sonksen


    I wish I hadn’t looked…those colours are yum!


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