Hello 2017


Dear 2017,  

I have hopes for you – we will make you a good year! And so …I have been thinking of what I would like the word for you to be. You know…just in case that you, 2017, are also taking my word too literally. So my word for you is

I know some might think that is a cheesy word, maybe a bit too crazy but as John Lennon said

So I want to make peace, do peace, be peace and give away peace …and maybe…2017 .. you are in with me, I would really like you to!!! 

Loves, Nat

To all of my readers out there- thank you for all your support and love the last year – you made me happy and I am so grateful for your support. Have the happiest, healthiest, most successful, and creative year ever.

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  • Gloria J


    A wonderful quote and great idea to start off the year 2017.


  • Daniela Rogall


    Dear Nat,
    I wish the same for you.
    Greetings from Germany


  • Gloria J Zucaro


    PEACE! Just wanting some quiet peaceful, loving times!


  • Linda. Faber


    I wish the same for you Nathalie! Thank you for all your talent, inspiration and generosity through the year. And of course, now I’m hooked on Art Foamies!! Love the batik! Excited to Jumpstart with everyone in 2017! Peace, yes and love always.


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