99 Cent Dream


I finished my painting “99 Cent Dream” for the upcoming gentrification: The Changing Landscape of Jersey City Exhibition.

Opening is on January 10th, 2015 – 5pm-9pm at 313 Gallery, 313 Third Street, Jersey City

Based on recorded interviews about their thoughts regarding Jersey City/Gentrification with Jersey City people on the street, 12 artists including me, created new pieces of artwork. During the exhibition you can listen to the interviews while looking at the artwork. The Jersey Journal published an interesting article about the exhibition – you can read it here.

99 Cent Dream depicts different viewpoints of gentrification. It portraits the disconnection of neighborhoods, geographies and people in Jersey City. Using acrylic mediums, the painting embodies the many layers and dimensions of gentrification deep beneath the surface.















I cannot wait to see the other artwork by the other artists. I really enjoyed working on this project. Let’s face it, I am part of the problem of gentrification here in Jersey City and yet at the same time I come from an area in my own home city in Hamburg, Germany where I have seen the stages of gentrification over many years in my neighborhood. I can see where Jersey City is heading to and I can relate to the feelings and thoughts of people effected by gentrification. Soon, I won’t be able to live here anymore either – the prizes are climbing up as J.C. is a geographically so close to Manhattan.
The interviews were thought provoking and triggered a lot of emotions and creative input, and the concept of this exhibition is great and already leads to a lot of discussions. If you are in the area- I hope you will come to see and hear the exhibition :)
Size: 46 in x 60 in – For my Europeans: that is 116 cm x 152 cm.
Medium: Liquitex Acrylic Paint HB+SB, Spray Paint, Ink, Marker, Gesso, Pouring Medium, Gel Medium; Paper on Canvas

Comments (10)

  • Andrene


    I think this is one of my favorites. A really gorgeous piece of art. Wish I could see it in person as I am sure it is even more stunning in real life.


  • Titbelsoeur


    This is impressive ! I love your piece ! the way you draw is amazing !


  • Ashley


    Wow, this is beautiful!! I love the drippy messy background, the vibrant colourway, and the lovely detailed buildings. Fabulous.


  • Diana Trout


    This is both beautiful and meaningful Nat. I love the way the bits of realism are emerging/merged with the background.


  • marciafallcreek


    Hi Nathalie. This is really interesting work. You might be interested in a book by my colleague Lance Freeman.

    There Goes the Hood: Views of Gentrification from the Ground Up
    by Lance Freeman
    Link: http://amzn.com/1592134378


  • Michelle


    Love the vibrant colors and texture in your work. Stunning!


  • rivonda


    Beautiful and thought provoking


  • Jackie P Neal


    What a fabulous make Nat!!!
    Best of luck with the show- if the others artists produce half of what you have- then it shall be a huge success all round!! Awesomeness! “)


  • Yankeegirl


    Wow….this turned out so well!!! Is this the canvas that was started and we saw behind you during your CJS video? I love it!!! Great story, sad story….the way of the world today when you live near a big city. Good luck on your next exhibition……people are going to love it!


  • Deborah


    Love, love, love your art, Nathalie! I would love to come, but I might not be able to. I do go to art receptions, including one in which I exhibited and sold a series of three paintings! I also love going to other artists’ receptions. Seeing the work of other artists is interesting, fun, and inspiring!


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