All Fur Coat and No Knickers – New Painting

“All Fur Coat and No Knickers” is new painting made with spray paint, acrylic paint, gouache, collage, and markers on canvas.

I was inspired by my Strolls through the Hood in Jersey City for this mixed media painting, and specifically a building that was used to cold store fur coats in the summer months for the people in the neighborhood (glad that’s not needed anymore).

Nowadays there is a restaurant in the building but the story intrigued so I researched a bit. I found that a 1932 issue of The Jewish Standard featured an advertisement for a company called Kriegel Furriers offering “cold fur storage” at the address, with a storage rate of 1% of the value of each item with a minimum charge of $2. Those were different times for sure.

The painting is available in my store and would love to find a new home.

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  • lala


    what fun who’da thunk it?! a place to store ur furs ladida! love the title and ur yummy pallette! the presence of the car a little wonky in my book, but luckily it does blend in nicely 😁 thnx for sharing! 🙏🙋💃(funny fur story… my ex was wearing his mum’s full length?! raccoon?! (sigh, poor animales! but i do eat them so can’t get tooo indignant 😖) when he and his 3 bros plus dad rolled their open jeep in river… it was thanksgiving (we the sensible.were waiting at home.for them) so what did they think?! (re depth/strength of water….) the coat survived! tho i wouldn’t smell it at the time… wet racoon, yum! 😖


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