Fallen Off The Edge Canvas



This is my newest finished canvas – view from Jersey City towards New York City. As a friend asked me “What happened to Jersey City, did it fall of the Edge” – I felt “Fallen Off The Edge” is an appropriate title ;)



This Canvas also pushed me almost OVER the edge. I had a hard time with the colors and the triangle shapes versus the stripe shape…I am now happy but boy it was quite a back and forth here.



I am very happy with the texture and the coolest thing is when the light shines on it, it really glows.

I worked with lots of different acrylic paint media – here is a list for those of you interested


Have a gorgeous day



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  • Laura Strack


    What an incredibly beautiful piece, Nathalie. Your layering has always amazed me and I’m still mesmerized. Thanks for sharing. The inspiration is wonderful.


  • Lisa


    Nat, I loved seeing this evolve on IG.
    It is the best thing EVER that I’ve seen of yours.
    It’s truly stunning.
    I’d be proud to pay & hang that piece of art in my home.
    Love it!! x


  • Sue Clarke


    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…you’ve crossed the line from scrapbooking to paper crafts to mixed media to art. Not to offend any one with the definition of “art”, but this is ART. Love it Nat.


  • Jackie P Neal


    Nat, This is truly a WOW canvas! Love the title, the colors, shapes, and textures! A stunning piece for sure! xo


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