MEH or …Published in Prima Art Zine

This layout was published in the My Prima Place idea art-zine Volume 8 . I used a photo from my fun photo shoot with Andreas Muhme a couple months ago. If you want to know what caused this Expression on my face – read my article “Definitely Not Germany’s Next Top Model



The article was about the different uses of the Prima Distress Tool.



I would say I distressed the heck out of those Prima Products- LOL ;)

Here is what I used in detail :


Hope you have a non-meh day ;)



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  • Jackie


    WOW Nat!
    Congrats for you! You sure are rockin the Art world! Loving everything you are doing and love the inspiration you are sending out!
    One more thing, I really do appreciate and Love the way you display your products used in a piece- thanks so much!
    hugs “)


  • Laura Strack


    This is a gorgeous canvas and so is the lady in the photo!


  • Denise


    This is a great layout. I just love everything about it. You are too cute in it. It looks like you are trying not to giggle


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