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12 Days of California Part I: Prima Art*Venture


I am back from my 12 day long trip to California – it was insane…as in insane work and fun! Well…always good if you can combine both words fun AND work. I am exhausted but nonetheless I want to share some events along the trip- let’s start with the Prima Art*Venture Workshop Retreat. 160 students – 2 days- six workshops – fun…and a toast voice.



We set up the class rooms till late night the day before the event – look at all the class kits:



I taught a Wallhanger Class with the new Stationer’s Desk Line by Prima – here is the project and some details



I had a great time with the wonderful students attending the classes – from all over the country and also from Europe and Asia- so amazing!





160 Students- 160 different ways to create the wall hanger- here are just two:




It was fun spending time with the other teachers and friends from Prima including Sharon, Carrie, Anna, Steffi, Jamie, Limor and Frank as well as Denny who did such a fab job on organizing the event. Thank you also to Elena and my two wonderful helpers Cam and Lisa from Charity Wings– you girls rocked!







(last picture stolen from Sharon ;) ) I did not take that many photos – I am missing most of my sweet people- but oh well- LOL- sorry ;)

Thank you all – also for taking care of me when I got food poisoning or whatever it was what made me sick and dizzy at the end of my fifth class – I am glad I was able to at least finish the instructions and laying down for half an hour in between really helped me to be able to go through the rest of the day and last class.


Tomorrow I will tell more about my class at CHA and the debut of my stamps with Stampendous :)

have a gorgeous day






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  • Katia


    Congrats Nath and much day like this!


  • Laura Strack


    Hi Nathalie, Thank you for all the fun and expert technique advice at Art Venture 2014. This canvas has to be one of my most favorite canvas’ that I’ve ever made!! I can’t wait to give it to my precious Daughter n Law for her Birthday next week.
    Honored to have been one of the 160 students, grateful for all that I learned and I will always cherish the time we spent together. So glad you are a designer for Prima and also excited to see your own stamp line and all the beautiful things that you will create and share from Stampendous. So very cool!!
    So happy for you! Big Hugs,


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Laura- it was so cool to finally meet you- you are so much fun! Thank you for coming and your awesome support. You rock! huge hugs! -nat


  • MarjieKemper


    Your class was GREAT, Nat, and I was so impressed you got through all six classes with a voice still intact. So sorry you were ill that day!


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Ahhh -thank you Marjie – it was so good to have you and I am so glad you suitcase finally made it!!! nat


  • Kirsten Alicia


    Great photos, love the projects. I’m glad you had such a wonderful time, hope you’re going to get some rest this week.


  • scrapinsue


    What a wonderful canvas and wow…160 students!
    Sorry to hear that you got sick but nice that friends were supportive.


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MEH or …Published in Prima Art Zine

This layout was published in the My Prima Place idea art-zine Volume 8 . I used a photo from my fun photo shoot with Andreas Muhme a couple months ago. If you want to know what caused this Expression on my face – read my article “Definitely Not Germany’s Next Top Model



The article was about the different uses of the Prima Distress Tool.



I would say I distressed the heck out of those Prima Products- LOL ;)

Here is what I used in detail :


Hope you have a non-meh day ;)



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  • Jackie


    WOW Nat!
    Congrats for you! You sure are rockin the Art world! Loving everything you are doing and love the inspiration you are sending out!
    One more thing, I really do appreciate and Love the way you display your products used in a piece- thanks so much!
    hugs “)


  • Laura Strack


    This is a gorgeous canvas and so is the lady in the photo!


  • Denise


    This is a great layout. I just love everything about it. You are too cute in it. It looks like you are trying not to giggle


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I Got Glasses


This layout was published last month in the Paperhaus Magazine and I had loads of fun doing it. The picture shows me with my new glasses…I guess my eyes are getting older- snigger


I painted the background with Luminarte Silks and also stamped with bubble wrap after applying some of the Luminarte Silk on top- love the effect.  I also used my Circuit Stencil and a pencil and just traced through the stencil -I love the effect.


The faux sewing I did with the Sew Easy Tool- which I love a lot- but always forget that I have it. You basically trace the stitching down and then I use a black journaling pen and just trace along- looks pretty real and makes it easy for some small stitching areas ;)

Here is all that I used


Do you have glasses? I actually like mine- although it took me a long time getting used to them and I still get a bit dizzy when the light changes.




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  • Thea


    And your glasses look beautifull. I also have glasses, since my teenage years. Tryed contact lenses, was oké for a while but now i weare my glasses every day. Can’t see without it. That means, when i’m behind my laptop and reading a book and too look in the far. Anyhow, it soots you well. Hope you had fun with Julie. :) Have a great week.


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Standup Bass or…New Stencil with Stencil Girl Products

StandUpBass Stencil

New Stencil in the house and it is a 6×6 Standup Bass Stencil :)


One of my favorite things in our household is my husband’s standup bass- I just love that thing  – and I thought it would be a great stencil using it for everything related to music, or lyrics you quote , or layouts with bands, theater, concerts…etc :)


I used the stencil positive and negative at the same spot – meaning I sprayed over the stencil , then flipped it over at another spot to get the access paint onto the page and then took another color and sprayed over it again .


Love the dimension and the layers you build up with this method. Other than that I used Derwent Arbars, Dylusions and Liquitex Spraypaints with the background. The stamps you see are stamps I found at a store around the corner I am so in Love with them.


I hope you like my new stencil. It comes in two different sizes 6×6 and 4×4 inches.


Here is what I used for this art journal page


Have a beautiful and creative day !

huge hugs


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Wouldn’t it be Wonderful…or Inspired by Paper

As mentioned in my post about my workshops in Sweden, I found K-Designs who creates some beautiful papers. So I was looking forward to start playing with them and I was actually inspired to create this layout by the design of the paper.


The photo shows my grandmother who I never had the chance to meet. She suffered from depressions and she committed suicide when my mother was only 10 years old. I often think “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could spent time together?” as to what my great-aunt Margot,  her sister, tells me she was a wonderful person.


I loved the black and grey paper which gives so much possibility to add paint to it. I used a couple different LuminArte Silks on the background as well as Twinkling H2Os. The Silks are Acrylic Glazes with a wonderful shine and they create a gorgeous resist . I also used the Silks on the window frame. The vase that you see on the right hand corner, is actually one of the molds that I created in this video about How To Create Your Own Molds. The bottle was actually white resin and so I added some Embossing Ink and used Stampendious Embossing Powder to make it work with the layout. I love the result.


I loved creating this – even thought the topic made me feel a bit blue…well at least I spent some time with her, right? ;)

Huge hugs and have an amazing day


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  • M. Carmen - Cuchy


    Such a beautiful tribute to your grandmother.
    That background is awesome!!!


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OstseeScrap-Tage – Workshop Event in Germany


Ich freue mich riesig über die Einladung zum Ostsee Scrap Event in Boltenhagen vom 3-5. Mai 2013 organisiert von Tolles Ding !


Einen Schatz in Form einer Hotelperle haben wir mit dem liebevoll gestalteten „Tarnewitzer Hof“ gefunden. Laßt Euch auf das Angenehmste überraschen, wenn Ihr das schicke und gepflegte Feriendomizil betretet. Ruhig gelegen und persönlich geführt, nur wenige Minuten vom Strand und der Ostseetherme entfernt, lädt er seine Gäste ein, in harmonischer Atmosphäre mit Küstenflair und direkter Nachbarschaft zu den Salzwiesen, einen angenehmen Aufenthalt auf der Halbinsel Tarnewitz zu verbringen.



Entdeckt auch Ihr die Reichtümer der Küste im Ostseebad Boltenhagen, dem zweitältesten Seebad an der Ostseeküste mit seinem bunten Treiben an kilometerlangen Sandstränden und der romantischen Steilküste, einem Kleinod der Natur.





Freitag, 3.Mai 2013


ab 15.00 Uhr Begrüßung mit Kaffee, hausgebackenem Kuchen und Obst, Verteilung der ersten Material-Kits.
 16.00 – 18.00 Uhr Andrea Gomoll – Karten & Washi Tape
Hier gebt Ihr Karten & Co Eure individuelle Note. Andrea wird Euch verschiedene Techniken zeigen, wie Ihr schnell und in Euren Wunschfarben eigene Washi Tapes fertigt. Mit den Washi Tapes schafft Ihr dann mehr Dimension auf Euren Projekten und kreiert sogar eigene tolle Embellishments.
18.30 – 20.00 Uhr Nathalie Kalbach – Layout  
Hier wird Nathalie mit Euch in die Welt des Papieres tauchen, Kombinationen aus Scrapbooking & Mixed Media lassen ein tolles Layout entstehen.
ab 20.00 Uhr Abendbuffet  – anschließend scrappiges Beisammensein oder gemütlicher Ausklang des Tages an der Bar.


Samstag, 4.Mai 2013


9.00 – 12.00 Uhr Barbara Haane – Album
Hier werdet Ihr mit Barbara ein einzigartiges Scrapbook mit ganz viel Liebe zum Detail erstellen. Lasst Euch mit brandneuen Materialien und Sneaks kurz vorher überraschen.
12.00 – 13.00 Uhr Rustikales Mittagsbuffet
13.00 – 16.00 Uhr Andrea Gomoll – Instax & Layout
Hier bekommt Ihr viele Tipps zur Sofortbild-Fotografie. Im anschließendem Photobooth-Shooting versucht Ihr Euch gleich mal selbst, die Ergebnisse werden dann im Anschluss gleich auf einem tollen Layout verscrappt.
16.00 – 17.30 Uhr Kaffeepause mit hausgebackenem Kuchen & Obst, anschließend kleiner Strandgang.
17.30 – 20.00 Uhr Nathalie Kalbach – Mixed Media
Hier werdet Ihr eine einzigartige Leinwand kreieren, die sich wunderbar als Homedekor eignet. Lernt interessante Texturen der verschiedensten Materialien kennen und erzielt mittels Stempeltechniken noch das Tüpfelchen auf dem I. Ihr werdet in vielen Ebenen arbeiten, um diese Leinwand ganz wie Ihr mögt für den Frühling, den Sommer, den Herbst oder Winter zu gestalten.
ab 20.00 Uhr Abendbuffet  – anschließend scrappiges Beisammensein oder gemütlicher Ausklang des Tages an der Bar.


Sonntag, 5.Mai 2013


 9.00 – 12.00 Uhr Nathalie Kalbach – Album
Hier haucht Ihr mit Nathalie einem einzigartigem alten, eingestaubtem Buch neues Leben ein und füllt es mit eigenen Geschichten und Bildern. Sie zeigt Euch wie mittels Falttechniken die Buchseiten zu einem Kunstwerk werden, kreiert versteckte Taschen zum Verstecken kleiner Schätze und Nachrichten. Neben witzigen neuen Embossingtechniken wird Klebstoff mal in ungewohnter Weise verwendet und es entsteht Euer persönliches Erinnerungsstück oder ein wunderschönes Geschenk!
12.30 – 13.00 Uhr Rustikales Mittagsbuffet
13.00 – 15.00 Uhr Barbara Haane – 2 Layouts
Zum Abschluss wird Barbara mit Euch noch zwei tolle Layouts scrappen. Ein zuvor festgehaltenes Gruppenbild wird eines davon schmücken und an scrappige gemeinsame Stunden erinnern.
15.00 – 16.00 Uhr Ausklang und Verabschiedung
Die Projekt-Abbildungen sind Beispielbilder und werden von den im Mai 2013 aktuellen Material-Kits abweichen, auch minimale Unterschiede innerhalb der Kits sind möglich.

Anmelden könnt Ihr Euch hier.

Ich würde mich freuen, Euch dort zu sehen :)



Über*Media is my series of online workshops that is dedicated to different kinds of media that cross a variety of materials. I also teach project based online workshops which you can find here.

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Workshops in Sweden – Stockholm August 31-September 1, 2013

liten logga

Wohooo – so happy to come back to Sweden this year to teach at the Creative Moments Event organized by Scrap-Perra.

I will teach 3 workshops – here they are

Season Canvas: 
In this Workshop with Nathalie Kalbach, you will create a stunning and unique canvas that will be a wonderful home décor item.Learn how to create dimension and texture with tissue paper, items of daily life, acrylic paint, lace, burlap, and gesso.

Learn how to reveal the interesting and eye catching texture with acrylic paints and acrylic inks and add some fun stamping techniques on top.

We will be adding lots of layers and dimension to make this a spring, summer, fall or winter canvas… just as you like. All the techniques can easily be applied to future projects.

Classtime is 4 hours.

Über-Media Acrylic Paint: 
In this workshop you learn how to use Acrylic Paints in your Art Journal. This class shows all kinds of possibilities using Acrylic Paints with different media.We will start with the basics then make our way up to more advanced techniques. Everything will be taught in an art journal.

I will share with you my favorites, whether it be how to build up interesting backgrounds, resist techniques or incorporating other paint media for stunning layers. I will share with you why I’m doing things, how I got the idea, and what works and what doesn’t seem to work.

Join the uber-fun in this class!

Class is at least 4 hours.

Are you ready to dive into art journaling? Let’s sound a barbaric YAWP over the rooftops of the world and get ready for a lot of creative freedom. I will teach you how to create your own easy to create art journal using wonderful PanPastels.Learn mixing, blending, painting and drawing with those soft pastels. Learn how to get stunning results with different resist techniques and fun stamping tricks using embossing powders and other paint media.

You can easily apply all of the learned techniques to later projects whether it be art journals, mixed media and even scrapbooking projects.

Looking forward to yawp along with you in this 3 1/2 hour-long class.

I am so thrilled to teach with also my sweet friends Birgit Koopsen and Janna Werner and to meet Asa Danielsson.

Officiell logga webshop

it is going to be lot’s of fun!

If you want to know where else I am teaching this year- you can check my in-person Workshop schedule! Hope to meet you!!!

Have a gorgeous day


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Farewell SAZ …or…La Dolce Vita Minialbum


A bit sad I write this post- in Dezember 2006 my friends Andrea and Jana started with their German magazine ScrapArtZine. What started as an electronic magazine became a print magazine pretty quick and I loved contributing to the magazine from the beginning on.


It was fun being part of something that was created by a sole group of devoted people – no big publishing house in the background, from the articles, to the pictures, to the graphic design, to the layouting, taking care of advertisers, subscribers etc,  to the getting it to the printer, to putting it in envelopes to sending more than 2000 issues out…all in the hands of a couple of people – mostly Jana and Andrea. I think that is pretty amazing.


The sad thing is…the magazine had its last issue out this January…it is just to time consuming and too crazy to continue for my friends who have a full-time job too which actually puts food on the table. The magazine didn’t for neither of us. I can totally understand their decision – although it sad to see this magazine go.  It closes another chapter of my more scrapbooking related path from years ago – I have moved in a very different direction for years now and it was wonderful that Andrea and Jana let me still be part of it in writing my columns and articles.  Thank you Andrea and Jana for a good time and fun at the SAZ. I enjoyed it a lot.


The last article I wrote was about Prima’s Mixed Media Albums…and the pictures you see are some samples from the article. I will miss writing articles for magazines…but who knows what the time will bring.

What magazines Mixed Media/Craft/Scrapbooking do you enjoy to read?



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  • cal8007


    Aww, so sad for your friends; but you have to do what you have to do for sanity’s sake. I enjoy reading Cloth, Paper Scissors, magazine and have a digital subscription to Northridge Publishing’s books on line.


  • SusanJane

    This is the perfect alternative to the slick/money-making magazines. The articles are personal, creative, inspiring. The photos are great. The interviews are with unusual artists doing very interesting work. You really can’t go wrong with this publication.


  • Cindy Connell


    I really enjoyed Vamp Stamp News as a print magazine, but she also had to stop publishing for the same reason. The good news is she publishes a (usually) free online article each month! Really great lady!
    As far a print goes, I’ve been looking at Rubber Stamper lately.


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