Denim Mending at the Textile Arts Center in NYC

A couple weeks ago I took a class at the Textile Arts Center in NYC: Denim Mending.

The TAC is located in Brooklyn but has a great small studio space in Manhattan with tons of classes at different times of the day and since I totally into embroidery for a while now, I thought this would be a perfect class. And it was :)

We got to work with all kinds of fun dyed fabric (they offer a variety of amazing dying classes as well) .

and started out with some basic stitches , applique stitches and back applique (in the picture another student’s practicing samples- I looooveee the polka dot fabric with the blanket stitch so much!)

Later in the class we got a short intro to Shashiko which means little stabs and is a form of Japanese embroidery originating in the Edo period (1615-1868)

These are some samples- – I fell in love instantly …although it does kinda like tell you to do neat and straight stitches – LOL- which you know…is not me ;)

But here is my first try in Shashiko

Not too shabby – I like it and oh man- now I want all kinds of Jeans being ripped so that I can start mending them and I bought all kinds of supplies of course  – and is it bad if I bought some shirts that I just want to do this on?  I am ready LOL

It was a fantastic class by Jennie Maydew -(check out her website with beautiful textiles and artwork too). I learned heaps, and it inspired me and I am full of ideas how to incorporate what I learned into my own artwork – I am so glad I went. A great example yet again how good it is to sometimes take classes that are totally different from what you usually do :) If you are in NYC – check out the TAC – what a gem place to take classes.

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  • Tara


    I made a commitment this year to be more creative. I spent the past few months collecting different products and materials and watching a lot of tutorials online. I find myself gravitating towards collage and mixed media. Your books sounds incredible and would be helpful for me to learn technique. I would love your book to enhance my budding art technique library. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


  • Sue Clarke


    IF you seriously want ripped jeans I can send you some Nat.
    I have one pair with a floral print (lightly in the background).


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      LOL. thank you Sue for the offer. i will patiently rip my jeans and spice them up I guess …meanwhile I am playing on denim swatches – also fun :)


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