Spill your heART – Catching Up with Artists and What’s Next

If you didn’t catch our Spill your heART Episode 8, you can watch a recording below. I was joined by some of the artists I interviewed back in 2020 for my Artists in Residence series. We were in lockdown so all of us became “artists in residence” in our own homes. I was curious how these artists were adapting and moving forward since we last spoke. Check it out:

Here is a little overview of the webinar:

Episode 8: Artists in Residence – Where are they now?

In this episode of Spill your heART I was joined by panelists Natalya Khorover and Rhian Swierat, two artists who I interviewed at the start of the pandemic as part of my Artists in Residence series. We talked about their work, how they were approaching their art in general, and any changes to their work in response to the pandemic. Rhian explained that although before 2020 she was interested in working bigger, her circumstances did not allow it and so she began creating installation pieces instead. Natalya has also been creating installations and although at the start of the pandemic she worked on them alone, she began asking the community to get involved too and has enjoyed working with a team. Rhian shared that the memories she incorporates into her work have shifted from focusing on large events to smaller happy moments as she currently finds herself living much more in the present. Natalya described how her teaching process changed to almost entirely online and how her workshops are now primarily her very own. All three of us agreed that the pandemic has pushed us and helped us to discover new ways of displaying our artwork in public.

Join us for the next Spill your heART – it’s our BIG Creative JumpStart 2022 Reveal Special

Next Episode:

Episode 9: Creative JumpStart 2022 Special

Join us for our Creative JumpStart 2022 Theme and Artist Reveal Special! During this Spill your heART episode we will be introducing our theme and also sharing the artists that will be teaching for this 11th year of the CJS online workshop. Each year for Creative JumpStart we craft a theme designed to be both inspiring and relevant to the times and this year we’ve definitely got both covered. Tune in to learn more and to meet some of the mixed media artists who will be creating lessons for the workshop this year. Each year we have familiar faces and new, all assembled together to help you JumpStart YOUR Creativity in January 2022!

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