Spill your heART – Episode 4 and Upcoming

Did you join us for the latest episode of Spill your heART? If not, you can enjoy the recording below. In Episode 4 we tackled the topic: What’s the Point – Purpose vs Journey with my panel of artists: Marsha Valk, Gwen Lafleur, and Mystele Kirkeeng. In the episode we discuss our own artistic journeys and all the twists and turns they take, we share what we do with all the stuff we create, and we talk about how it feels to let go of certain pieces. Check it out:

Here’s an overview:

As artists we often get asked what is the purpose of creating our art. In this episode, Marsha ValkGwen LafleurMystele Kirkeeng and I share our perspectives on the importance of the journey of creating. We all agree – the process can be more important than the end result. Each of us takes a moment to describe our current journeys and they range from playful enjoyment, teaching, design assignments, or something personal. One thing is clear: the journey changes and develops over time and it is not a straight line.

We talk about what we do with it all when we are done (keep, sell, gift, or even toss), the burden of keeping things (both mentally and physically), and our storage methods and limitations. We share how letting stuff go can be hard for some, but for others this isn’t an issue. Sometimes things that represent an emotional journey can be especially hard to release until we have worked through that journey as well. When it comes to selling, who buys the work can be exciting and touching too and it adds to the story of the artwork, and connects us as human beings.

Finally we talk about maintaining focus on our art, juggling responsibilities, and stepping away when necessary.

Next Episode:

Coming Soon: This time I’m getting together with Tania Ahmed, Rachel Juanita Bellamy, and Rae Missigman for Episode 5: Studio Organization. Join us on Friday, June 25th at 12noon EDT. Register here today.

Let’s talk about Studio Organization! This is a topic that came up again and again in a recent survey I posted to my readers, so in this Spill your heART episode we’ll be tackling the issues you mentioned most. Join my panelists Tania AhmedRae Missigman, and Rachel Juanita Bellamy as we address the problems of studio organization, supply overload, and what to do when you’ve got stuff all over the place. We’ll discuss general organization including the pros and cons of keeping supplies visible and creating sections, and we’ll debate whether a tidy studio is a good studio or a messy one is the real deal. Big space / small space, shared space / dedicated space, in your home / offsite – it all informs how you organize and create.

Friday, June 25th at 12noon EDT – Register HERE to attend.

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