Stencilbop Challenge Prompt 24

This is the recap for today’s Stencilbop Challenge prompt: Eat Cake

Oh boy- this one could easily be renamed into “Eat Cake and Keep Calm” See I thought oh gorgeous idea, I am going get a wonderful plain ice cake from my favorite local ice cream shop Torico’s here in Jersey City…

…and then use one of my small 4×4 stencils (I used the Park Blvd stencil here) with cacao powder to decorate on top myself. 

Now – I am not a cake decorator and there is a simple reason for that ….hahahaha- I screwed it up. I looked at it and thought “oh maybe this is a sign and I need another one” –but I decided , nah that would be cheating and in the future I might leave the decorating to the awesome peeps at Torico’s as well . Anyway – LOL- here is the result with a little bit of a scrapping action using my Park Blvd Stencil. Just so you know…no ice cream cake was harmed during this prompt –it was delicious as always and has been devoured soon after ;) 

In addition to a small ice cream cake, here are the supplies I used for this prompt:

Play along with us and follow the daily prompts:

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