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Recap of the Jersey City Art & Studio Tour 2015


At the beginning of this month the Jersey City Art & Studio Tour 2015with over 1000 Artists and 200+ Art Events took place. It is an amazing event and a token of how many amazingly creative and talented artists live in this city.


This year my artwork was shown in my friend’s Lori and Julia’s Interior Decoration Studio and Antique & Home Goods shop : Beekman Lane . I love this shop and have bought many wonderful pieces in there plus …it has become a sort of a neighborhood living room and a lot of new friends I made since I am living in Jersey City, I made in this shop.


We loved how well my artwork and the goodies at Beekman Lane looked together and we had a wonderful time meeting a lot of people during the 2 day show.


It was wonderful to talk to people about the artwork, what they see or how they feel about it and also about living in Jersey City.


Selling a couple of my favorite pieces and knowing that they go to loving homes and interesting people was amazing too. It is kind of like giving up your children (well ok…that might be exaggerating but …mhhh- you get the idea ;) )


I think this mirror-bench should be called selfie bench ;)


The star of the show was definitely Winnie <3


We had too much fun as you can see: The photo below makes me laugh senseless ;)


99 Cent Dream found a great display place in the shop too , I love how it looks on the grey wall.




We also had fun decorating the window with artwork on a beautiful art deco Wakefield desk.



Chicpea JC wrote a great recap of the event, having a lot of her contributors out on the streets to check out the different art locations and artists. I was stoked that Erin came by and chatted with me and wrote a little bit about my artwork in the blogpost.

And because it was all so much fun and we had such a great time …Beekman Lane and I decided we will be part of ARTober JC – Downtown and have the show open on October Thursday 29 and Friday 30th from 2pm – 8pm. Come by if you are in the area to see some art, some fun decoration and antique stuff, chat with us and snack and have a drink :)


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  • Carmen


    Hi Nathalie,
    I came across your work through another artist’s blog and have enjoyed your videos and great tips. I live in the UK but used to live in Hoboken,NJ. and would also show my work during the Open Studio Tours. i am a mixed media artist as well. When I am over next time I would love to see your work in person. Thanks for all your great advice and good luck with your work.


  • michelle ward


    Congrats Nathalie! Everything looks fabulous – you, your art, and your displays. I’m sorry to have missed it. Now that I’ve been to Jersey City I’m hoping to back for your next event!


  • cheiron


    Hey Nat, sorry I missed it. We were celebrating my husbands bday that weekend, but I will definitely swing by and check it out on the 29th or 30th after work. I will need some art for our new apartment! Looks like a great event.


  • Barb J


    Outstanding art work and a cozy and warm shop. TFS


    • nathalie-kalbach


      Thank you Barb and yes the shop is super warm and cozy! Thanks for coming by!


  • Deborah A. Pierro


    Hi Nat–I really love your cityscapes and street scenes. Keep on creating them because they’re very unique and interesting.


  • Sue Clarke


    99 Cent Dream is just cool to look at and hanging on a wall would be best (like over a couch or desk where one could gaze at it often).


    • nathalie-kalbach


      thank you Sue -I would love to see that painting over a couch :) It is really big and has a very sad spot in our house – the only wall that can fit it.


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