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Jumping with… Jen Crossley…a CJS Interview Series

In this interview with Jen Crossley, we talk about Craft vs. Art, metal edging, junk stores, her love of cooking and the unlikely likely occurrence of poisonous spiders in Australia ;)

Jumping with… Jen Crossley…a CJS Interview Series from Nathalie Kalbach on Vimeo.

Jen is also sharing one of her favorite recipes with us:

1 Lge BBQ chicken cooked
1 small Brown onion
1 pkt Bacon
3/4 cup Chicken stock
1 cup Milk
3 Tablespoons Plain flour ( not self raising)
3 dessertspoons Butter

3 tablespoons of butter
2 cups cornflakes

Break up the chicken into small pieces no bones. In a saucepan melt the butter then add the onion, add the bacon and cook until done, do not brown the bacon or onion. Next add flour – do not brown the flour. Cook for 2 minutes. Add chicken stock and milk, stir until this thickens then simmer for two minutes. You can add a bit more milk if the sauce is too thick. Mix in Chicken pieces then put it into a casserole dish.

Melt the butter and the cornflakes together then spread on top of the chicken base. Bake in a oven on a medium heat till the cornflakes brown on the top.

Serve and enjoy!

You can download Jen’s recipe here: CJS18 Recipes Jen Crossley

I hope you enjoyed the interview- Jen’s video for CJS is shows such a cool technique! Come and join us for Creative Jumpstart 2018  and see yourself !

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  • JoAnn Campisi


    Hi Nathalie,

    Just caught up with your last two interviews – enjoyed them both. It was so nice to get to meet the artist in advance of their tutorial – tomorrow!!! Yay!!!


    • nathalie-kalbach


      so glad you liked the interviews- It was really fun to chat with them! Looking forward seeing you in the class room :)


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