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Tour of the American Ancients Part #3

This is part #3 of our road trip through mostly the South West of the U.S driving about 2,300 Miles which called Tour of the American Ancients because we visited many historical sites. Now this part is leading through some newer …not so ancient sights, but it was still super fun. I am sharing some highlights,You can find Part #1 here. And Part #2 here.

Coming from Petrified Forrest National Park we drove to Sedona where we stayed two days in a beautiful airBnB.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is one of the most beautiful modern chapels I have ever seen. It was completed in 1956.

On the way up to the chapel in the garden – Love this!

We continued our ride often times on the old Route 66

I am loving those old motel signs and of course the Roadkill cafe always makes me laugh with their slogan “you kill it, we grill it”

We took a little detour to this ghost town …well…is it still a ghost town if 10 people seem to live there?…and

how often do they get their mail? I know, I know but these are the questions that run through your mind when you see this.

As we were on our way to Joshua Tree National Park we decided to stop at Roy’s cafe again – we were there 10 years ago and this abandoned motel with the gas station in the middle of nowhere is just too cool.

The old lobby is still intact, preserved….

Played a lot with my camera – and really love this shot.

We stayed in a nice cottage near Joshua Tree National Park – we had a good time sitting in these chairs outside, until one morning a Tarantula Hawk came flying by like on a mission and I knew this bugger was dangerous and then I looked it up and got even more scared about it. It has the second most painful sting in the world …ahhh- no thank you.

Loved hiking around in Joshua Tree NP although everything screamed “yow , I survived here and that means I am able to kill you if you are not careful and watch your step”

An abandoned car in the park

And then the trip was almost over

And we finished in Santa Monica, had a nice last dinner together and then my husband dropped me off for my workshops in West Village. It was an amazing trip – so inspiring, relaxing, educational and beautiful. I am still processing a lot of the things I saw there and I cannot wait to turn it into my artwork. I hope you enjoyed the little trip :) Thank you for joining me!


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  • Karen Bearse


    Wow the pics and story make me want to check out the SW! Looks like you had an amazing time. Thanks for sharing your adventure!


    • nathalie-kalbach


      Oh Karen, I hope you get to go to the SW- I really loved it and I think you would find it as inspiring!


  • Janet


    So glad you were able to cover so much of the Southwest (my neck of the woods) in one trip! And you shared it so beautifully. I’m looking forward to new stamps and stencils from inspiration gained on this trip (hint hint ;) ). You remind me that I must visit Chaco…I will put it on the calendar NOW! We are fortunate to have history of the Ancients all around us here in Arizona…even in the Phoenix area. I am constantly inspired by the beauty. Btw…I have your husband’s hat, but in turquoise.Thank you again for sharing. Come back when you can stay awhile (and when it is cooler!)


    • nathalie-kalbach


      Janet – it was so amazing- you live in an amazing area! Chaco Canyon was just mind blowing! HA- I think I would like my husband’s hat in Turquoise- my favorite color. Thank you so much for joining me :) Have a a wonderful weekend!


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