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Review 2019 & Vision 2020

What a year 2019 has been. So much was going on while at the same time I took a hiatus from teaching and traveling. I don’t even remember what my word for this year was …I think it was “home” but maybe that is just what it turned into LOL.

As most of you know, we bought an old house with a bit of renovation work to do. Being able to tend to the construction and go to the house almost daily during the 7 months it took, was definitely very helpful. 

We had a really nice construction company and besides the usual delaying headaches of permits, inspections and the one or other hiccup it went all pretty smooth and we are happy with the house.

It was fun and exhausting at the same time ..the process was slow and quick at the same time …

…the only consistency was me being tired and unkempt in the attempt to juggle two places, the “we-do-this ourself-projects” and maintaining my art business. 

Things were opened, destroyed and discovered –

like roofs, walls, old newspapers

and crown molding. 

New things were created like decks, skylights

and matching crown molding

and some things just took care of themselves, like our amazing garden. 

We sorted a million things for the move ….

and contemplated a lot about the fact that we acquired so much SCHTUFF again 6 years after moving with just a shipping container and having downsized a lot. 

We spent a ton of time together and we loved our project -we are a good team. And we enjoyed our big housewarming party after we finally moved in. 

I love my big studio –

I am so stoked about my wall easel and my little fireplace seating area. 

We also spent lots of time with friends and family and we finally managed to take two separate beach days off …WOW – shoulder patting – especially since we are only about an hour away from the beach. 

I went on a lot of art strolls- I thought I didn’t, but looking back I did quite some fun art stroll stuff. Especially amazing was the af Klint exhibition at the Guggenheim which I saw with Kim 

and my special surprise birthday trip to Storm King with my hubs

as well going to the Re-opening of MoMA with my friends Julia and Adam

which resulted in my FAVORITE Photo with art EVER. Epic! I will never look at this particular Mark Bradford piece without also slightly giggling …sorry Mark! 

We made it twice to the Opera this year …wowsers  and we had a lot of fun with friends “watching” from our nose bleeding seats. 

We also tried a lot of new restaurants because something had to give going back and forth between neighborhoods, so why not trying new places including this fabulous and now one of our favorite Bangladeshi Restaurant Korai

The saddest this year was that we had to say good bye to our sweet cat Niles in the summer. We had him for 19 1/2 years. I am still very sad about it and Christmas was especially hard being the first Christmas without this little sweet fur ball sitting under the tree. 

We welcomed Mingus, a new kitten to our home just a couple weeks ago -and Bobby Pretzel adopted him and they are already buddies! They make us laugh a lot! 

I started playing the Ukulele and found some fun new friends – we even performed at a Holiday party – creating art prepared me definitely for the “it is about the fun and not so much about the outcome part” here LOL. You see I have to drink the water that I am preaching in my art classes …or however that saying goes ;) I am not sure if the people listening had that much fun, but we sure did. 

Art wise- I painted a bit, I hosted a ton of challenges, released some stencils and stamps, released a couple new online workshops and filmed for Sketchbook Skool as well. It felt good to concentrate on some other parts of my art life …things that I usually do not have that much time for when I travel every other weekend. 

I did miss going to Germany to see family and friends and also seeing students in Person, but I have to admit I also loved staying home the whole year and putter around here. Making a new home, embracing my home and the people that are nearby. You can def. say all of those things were connected to “home” whether that was my word for the year 2019 or not LOL.

So now what is my word for 2020? I think it shall be “vision” as in “the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.” I have some visions for my business for 2020 and some ideas for my art , I am longing for some clearer vision in general and in some areas for a vision at all. That might sound weird, but I feel like I used to have so many visions and then either the plans came to fruition or were neglected. Now I long for a bigger vision yet again. The whole house project this year showed me that. So there we go …Vision 2020 …I am on it ;) Let’s see what Hindsight (is) 2020 will show in terms of successfully getting there next December ;) 

What is your word for 2020 if you, like me and many others, pick a word instead of new year’s resolutions?


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  • Theresa Gonzales


    What an amazing year you have had. I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings for you (and me). My word is preparation.


  • Liz Thayne


    Wow what an amazing year you have had and what a lot you have achieved. Hope 2020 will be another successful year for you.


  • Jean Goza


    What an amazing year for you! I have no doubt that 2020 will reveal even more wonders for you. Looking forward to CJS and hope to see you in person again sometime. Happy New Year!


  • Pam Hansen


    Thank you for sharing your 2019 adventures. It’s lovely to see your new home and fabulous studio. Happy New Year and I’m excited to see what 2020 brings, hopefully a chance to take a class with you again! ❤️


  • Janet


    It sounds like you had a pretty incredible year! Except for Miles. I’m very sorry to hear that news. Wishing you a fabulous 2020. Looking forward to another year of CJS! Thank you so much for offering it again!


  • Rebecca Buchanan


    I so enjoyed reading this post and seeing the photos. I remember the first time I signed up for Creative Jump Start, you were still living in Germany at the time. It has been so inspiring to watch you grow as an artist over the years. Thank you for sharing this latest journey with your new house. Wishing you a very Happy New Year and all the best! PS All signed up and looking forward to another exciting CJS!


  • Linda Corbin Youn


    Thank so much for sharing your journey. I look forward to seeing what visions you create for the new year. My word is organize, especially as it applies to my office/studio and including blocks of art time on my calendar.


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