Art House Adventures or…#2days15bags



Right after CHA my friends Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, Birgit Koopsen, Jenn Mason and I rented a house in California to relax and do some arting. It was Julie’s idea…brilliant..but don’t tell her- LOL – we try to keep her in check ;)



We created a hashtag for this time #2days15bags – which summed up exactly what was going on- ridiculous LOL- but to our excuse we had tons of teaching supplies, CHA stuff and our suitcases for 12 days with us. All this fit perfectly in this beast van



which Jenn drove calmly through the city


We had time to relax after a very busy couple months, talk, share, laugh, eat, and be outside and get sun on us





and I got braids two times in a row- loooveeee them, I wish I could get those every day- LOL



We also went one day to Stampendous! Headquarter to play a bit with fun techniques and my stamps :) If you signed up for Creative JumpStart 2014 you know what we did as a technique with Fran Seiford.







and on top – we did a lot of arting together- it was so much fun – I want to do this again














our table – we did a lot of collaborative things- but this was the most fun – we did an ArtJournal Round Robin- we will all post about it this friday.



It was awesome. I did not even realize how much I needed a time out with friends doing art for myself and time to come down and talk – I cannot even say how much I love Julie for this idea – oh wait—we don’t wanna tell her- LOL. Spending time with all three was the best and I hope we will do it some day again! If you have friends that are equally interested in art like you – go and do this- you will not regret it- even if it is only 2 days and you haul 15 bags around ;)

Huge hugs



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  • MarjieKemper


    Super idea and lol on the # of bags…. totally understandable but still a very funny pic. Nice wheels, too!


  • Andrene


    I can only imagine the fun time had by all of you. What a great idea! I think you & Julie should buy a house/property and start your own retreat/studio so the rest of us could experience a fabulous getaway like this!
    Love the braids – whoever did them did a great job! Thanks for sharing your mini vacation with us!!
    BTW… coke + donuts = breakfast of champions ;)


  • Jackie P


    Oh Nathalie! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience with us! I was so imagining being there when I was reading! What a great time for you gals! and I love those braids on you too! I have a question…does diet coke cancel out the carbs and stuff on pasties? heehee If so, I’m in! LOL Love reading your posts and been having a blast with CJS 2014! So many cool artists with cool ideas! Thanks again! hugs “)


  • Cuchy


    How fun!!!
    We call this in spanish “the warrior’s rest” after a hectic time in CHA
    cutie braids!!


  • Kimmie Hogan


    How much fun that trip looks. I don’t have anyone I could take an art filled getaway with. But it’s definitley one of those things on my bucket list. Not sure what that is you’re doing with the griddle, but it looks interesting and fun. I may just have to sign up for CJS 2014 if it’s not too late so I can find out.Thanks for sharing all the art filled fun you all had!! :D (((HUGS)))


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Kimmie you can still sign up if you want- the videos are all up as of today 12pm EST but you can access and watch them till the end of november 2014 :)


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