Europe Workshop Tour- Part 7 – Having a good time in The Netherlands


It was so good and so much fun to spend 4 days at Birgit‘s home in The Netherlands. We know each other for about 7 years (we can not totally figure it out) and we have taught so many times at the same events, shared rooms at CHA, chatted and over the year we really bonded as friends. After Birgit had been at my place last year now finally I got to see her home and meet her family which I essentially saw and hear growing up – but not in real life so far ;)

Besides going to the Groningen Museum, Birgit also took me to her painting class.


Oh goodie- a color wheel in dutch :) But there was nothing to worry- Antje Sonnenschein the artist and teacher is German- I was in good hands. De Ploeg style was the topic of the several week long class- and I had a good time starting a painting of a windmill in Birgits home town Winsum.


Here is how far I got in the class – I will still have to work on it here- but I like it. And I did learn some great new things in the 2 hours and was very inspired and relaxed. I wish Birgit and I could do this more often together.


We did hang out a lot and just chatted and once in a while we took the bike and went grocery shopping.


Where I learned the word for sausage …I might not get the spelling right though ;)


And met Marlijn  – who has excellent shirt taste (take that, Julie!- LOL)


And how do Dutch Students move from one place to the other? – Well ….



Birgit in her amazing studio after our day at the H.N. Werkman exhibition.


Enjoying Dutch humor when it comes to signs regarding natural needs of animals


and human beings


Looking at more windmills


and enjoying lunch at a canal


Groninger Mustard Soup with Groninger Country Bread – nom nom


And the beautiful town of Winsum



It was wonderful! Thank you to Birgit and her awesome family for having me! I miss you already ….but for all my readers …Birgit and I still spent more time together at our Workshop in Ede with De Craftorij – so one last Europe Blogpost is coming up :)

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  • Birgit


    So much fun to read this and see rhe pictures! It was so good to have you here and I hope we will be able to do it again next year, either here or in the States! Miss you!!! xxx


    • nathalie-kalbach


      I miss you too girl- cannot wait to see you soon again …we will make it happen! xoxoxo


  • Marie-Anne Raeman


    Hi, Nathalie i think i remember the first time you two met and shared rooms….I think it was at the first scraptastic event, because then i had aked if you knew each other before, and you shared a room at the godshouse….hope i solved a mistery ;-)
    Enjoyed the reading of youre european tour so far


    • nathalie-kalbach


      Hi Marie-Anne – good thinking – I think that is where I met you the first time :) But I think Birgit and I met the first time at an Workshop we both attended by Elsie Flannigan – I do not know the year anymore- maybe 2006. But I have really god memories of our time together with you at Scraptastic in Belgium back then!


  • Joi@RR


    Oh Nat – you just no idea how much I have enjoyed all your tour posts… I have ready them all more than once. I don’t know how you do it… traveling for so long and so far… but you look happy/healthy so that makes me smile. Thanks bunches for sharing all your adventures. Praying for you. j.


  • Sue Clarke


    Love the signs. Both a place for my dog to poop and for me to pee!


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