Inspired by San Francisco – Part I


I just love San Francisco – it is one of my favorite cities in the world and I have been there many times- and yet it never tires me and I always see something new and come home super inspired.


This trip has been my birthday present by my husband (he is the best!) and it included seeing loads of my friends that live in San Francisco and the Bay Area – insert super happy Nat smile here. It also meant loads of good food….insert super happy smile again…:)


Now, if you eat so much you have to work it off …and what better way to walk a city and look down and up and sideways for inspirations


I so love the colors, texture and the fonts of this – yum! Makes me want to stencil and then cut out corrugated card board letters right away.



And yes- I did say to look down…isn’t that tree grate amazing – in the mission ! And oh man- what an amazing stencil this would be :)


or just some amazing intricate design in the pavement



or the trace of an artist in the pavement…better than the usual hands or pet traces ;)



I also love the color inspirations in SF – mainly on the painted houses – dark blue, white and dark purple with a hint of mustard yellow- YUM


And the patterns – LOVE


and this yells City Canvas to me ….I am tempted…who knows maybe you will see it in a couple weeks ;)


And here in Chinatown- what is not to love about this sign- the colors, the design, the brick wall behind it- the fonts, the patina – ahhhhhh



And since San Francisco is a really tiring city to walk …up and down …up and down …it is time for some food and start all over again ;)



Next up will be all photos of street art and murals in San Francisco – so much fun!

What is your favorite food btw? Come on …make me hungry;)

Have a gorgeous day

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  • Ursula


    Jaaaa, Frisco ist auch eine meiner absoluten Lieblingsstädte, schön, das ich vor 2 Jahren mal wieder dort war. Mal sehen, ob NY dann auch was taugt ;) LG Ursula


  • Laura Weed


    Wow, Nathalie! Looks like a fabulous trip. Cannot WAIT to see the art you make from this inspiration. I love so much that you share the processes with us and help us learn to see our world the way you do. Thanks for your sharing spirit!! And Happy Birthday, of course.


  • Joyce C.


    Hi Nat! Thanks for your delightful email. It’s just what I needed today. San Francisco is my favorite city in the US. I’ve traveled there many, many times enjoying the very same sites and the most wonderful food. My sister lived and worked there as a chef so I had the opportunity to dine at numerous restaurants trying various cuisines. (And her name is the same as yours!) Of course, nothing can compare to the visual splendor of the city. Your photos are breathtaking, imaginative, and absolutely inspiring. Thank you for sharing them with us. I can’t wait to see more! All the best to you and your husband.


  • Sue Clarke


    My favorite food would be hard to say…steak, chocolate, asparagus, smashed potatoes. Love the pics as usual, especially the one of the two tall buildings side by side.


  • Tracy


    I’ve never been to the West Coast, but I love brightly colored houses! So much happier than the usual. A few years ago, I had a happy house (as I termed it) that was a fab shade of blue/purple with touch of bright yellow. Yum! I love corrugated cardboard too, I’m trying to incorporate more of it in my projects :)

    Such a sweet hubby!


  • Gloria S


    Wow… REALLY have a great eye. These pictures are Amazing. I admire all or your work and talent, but, these blew me away. Thanks for sharing them. PS – can’t wait to see what you create with this inspiration.


  • Laura Strack


    I was fortunate as a child to get to travel to many lovely towns, including San Francisco and I remember eating some wonderful food – the best Asian Food I can ever remember! I wish my Dad was still with us so that I could ask him where we had dined, oh so many years ago. That gorgeous patina is only achieved in time – unless you are a creative artist, such as yourself :) Have a beautiful day, Nat, and thanks for sharing your awesome trip with your hubby.


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