Julie’s July Visit…or My Belly Still Hurts from Laughing


I have not even the slightest clue how to wrap up the fun visit by my friend Julie Fei Fan Balzer as this week was packed with so much fun, laughter, art, sightseeing, discussions, inspiration, birthday celebrations, insane amount of food and girlfriend stuff.

Here are some picture overload highlights:



Arting in the Hamburger Kunsthalle after visiting a Special Exhibition with Paul Klee – Angels



Julie’s amazing “I -Do-Not-Realize-You-Are-Taking-A-Photo-of-Me”-Pose



Reichstag Building from the window of our taxi cab to the Jewish Museum, where we spent many hours of our day in Berlin, I decided I will dedicate a whole extra blogpost telling about this special time there.

NatKalbach_CheckPointCh02 NatKalbach_CheckPointCh03 NatKalbach_CheckPointCh04


Painted Pieces of the Berlin Wall at Check Point Charlie where we had lunch and sat outside for a while.

NatKalbach_RRR NatKalbach_RRR2


Goofing around in my neighborhood in Hamburg



Having a fun birthday party with lot’s of my loved ones



Many amazing birthday gifts- including this gorgeous handmade artjournal from Julie (she insanely wants me to trash it with my own artjournal art- pffff)



Wonderful hours on the deck, eating, partying, chatting…and …Julie chasing flies…she might be the only person I know who travels with a fly swatter- LOL



Eating almost every meal outside for six days …we both loved it!

NatKalbach_Boattour2 NatKalbach_Elbphilharmonie


Boat tour in Hamburg – lot’s of walking and sightseeing.



Arting time on the deck

NatKalbach_JulieSandra NatKalbachFleamarket


Hanging out with friends and shopping



We took photos in a photo booth each day – gosh we were laughing so much – I cannot even walk by this booth anymore without giggling.

Girlfriend time- I tell you – so refueling ! Nowadays it is rare that you spent so much time with a friend and I think it was the best way to slide into my 40s – I felt like 20 LOL. Thanks Julie for making my birthday so special and thanks to my hubs for treating us both like princesses for a week  ;)


huge hugs



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  • Laura Lothian-Bryant


    I agree that you obviously had a great time celebrating your 40th for a week but remember, in my world you get to celebrate for the whole year hen you hit 50 so start planning now girlfriend!


  • petyvic@gmail.com


    Through those photos i can imagine you all “return to your single-days!” , when we did whatever we wanted when we got together with our crazy frinds! ..Hope you enjoyed to the last drop!
    Happy 40th, Nat!


  • Madeline Rains


    What great photos! And I totally relate to the fly swatter obsession. : ) I used to have two at once and call myself Fly Lady while I killed the little beasts! My kids thought Fly Lady was some other woman who took over my body. : ) Happy 40th!!


  • Thea


    LOL :)


  • sue_clarke@hotmail.com


    Those folks with beards in the photo booths pics look pretty shady.
    Wow, I didn’t realize that the art journal that Julie made you is so big.
    It looks smaller in her blog post today.
    Glad that you two had a wonderful visit!


  • Cher


    oh man, SUCH a fun post. I love that you went into the photo booth every day. They should have Photo Booths in every town, all over the place!! There is nothing I enjoy more than time with the ladies in my studio – you’ve inspired me to get a date set for laughing, creating, and probably sipping wine!


  • Lily van der Velde


    Looks like you both had a lovely time :-)
    The pictures made me smile…


  • Laura Strack


    Happy 40th Birthday, Nathalie!!!! Your Birthday Journal from Julie is beautiful and I know you are going to fill it with all your Birthday pics & photo booth pics. So glad you girls had a great time together. TFS!


  • Lisa Flaherty


    Looks like a wonderful time! Welcome to your 40’s! I agree, time with special girlfriends makes the journey at any age all the better! Especially with a good egg of a hubby encouraging the goofiness! :) The journal from Julie is awesome, and I’m looking forward to the entries you’ll make in it as they will be collaborations of two of my favorites! :)


  • Cyndi b


    Looks like you gals had a blast!!


  • Donna


    It looks like you had a fantabulous time with Julie & that journal is lovely! I might be afraid to use it for a bit and then just jump in and ENJOY.



  • Jean A Marmo


    Oh my goodness! I can tell the fun you had by looking at the precious photos!


  • Beth DiIorio


    Hi Nat,
    These photos definitely show how much fun you had…good for you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many joyous returns!
    Beth :-)


  • Kirsten Alicia


    So pleased you both had such a great time. I loved seeing your photos on Twitter.


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