Blooper Reel! Acrylic Painting Workshop Outtakes

KalbachDVD Collage

Last year in November I went to the F+W studio to record some Acrylic Painting Workshop videos, which are being released at the moment. But…because I like to laugh…I thought, you might enjoy this blooper reel with all kinds of silly outtakes from the 4 day shoot.

Did you hear me snort? I snort when I laugh hysterically, are you a “laugh-snorter” too?

I hope you laughed as much as I did because, hey – we all need a good laugh once in a while ;)

I will share all links to the videos and more about the content soon :) I promise that the videos are seriously loaded with tons of information and techniques!

Have a wonderful day

Comments (8)

  • Margie


    That was so funny…You all really enjoy your work day. Looking forward to the workshops.


  • Joi@RR


    YES, Yes, YESSSSSSSSSss… I am still laughing. Totally cracked me up Nat. This is just INCREDIBLY fun…. heheheheheheh. Love your laughter and even your snort – eheheheheh!! PRICELESS!!! XXj.


  • Sue Clarke


    Thanks for the morning giggle Nat.
    You have such a playful nature!


  • Gayle


    LOL! That was so endearing you guys!


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