A Taste of Collage Workshop at The InkPad


Cannot wait for Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and my Collaborative Collage Workshop on March 1st, 2014 at the InkPad in New York City. We both love to do Collages and doing this class together will be so much fun!

In this one-day workshop Nathalie and Julie will share their favorite techniques for experimenting with paint, stenciling, layering, and composing pleasing collages.

Nathalie and Julie’s approaches are different but similar and this is a unique opportunity to get both points-of-view in the same class!

For more details and sign-up go to the InkPad .


Have a wonderful day


huge hugs


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  • Wendy Journalista


    An all day workshop with TWO of my favorite teacher/artists? Heaven! I’m in!


  • Laura Strack


    A match made in art heaven! So wish I could attend but can’t fly to NY right now. But one day I will, my sweet friend!


  • kat82ren


    wow this is fantastic!


  • scrapinsue


    I SO wish that I could go but my head might explode to take a class with both my scrappy crushes in the same room. I know that you two will have a blast and so will your students!


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