Coming back to Maryland to The Queen’s Ink to teach!!!

I am so stoked to come back to The Queen’s Ink in Maryland in June to teach a couple fun workshops- I cannot wait . Here are the classes:

June 24, 2017 – 10:30 am – 5:30 pm

Let’s explore several master artists and get inspired by their artwork and techniques to create wonderful and unique art journal pages. Whether it be the Impressionist’s amazing color combinations or some of the Surrealist’s fun collage techniques, there are many different Master Artists whose skills can serve as a starting point for your own artwork. Find out what you like and what works for you. Learn about opacity and layering, colors, troubleshooting, mixing materials, making your own tools, creating backgrounds and patterns. We will work with acrylic paints, inks, markers, wax bars and other paint media to create dimension and texture. We will make the most of stencils, stamps, mono printing plates and generic tools to make our own mark. Get ready to Rule Your Art Journal!

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June 25, 2017 – 10:30 am – 5:30 pm

Join me for a day long class in Mono Print Painting. We will dive into the basics of mixed media mono printing first and I will introduce you to the Mono Print Painting technique inspired by H.N. Werkman. I will show you different ways on how to create elaborate and layered mono printed paintings using self made tools as well as stamps and stencils. I will share with you my thinking process on developing the technique and how we you can put your own personal spin on it, so that you can take your art to a whole different level.

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I had such a fun time at The Queen’s Ink last year- it is such a wonderful place to teach at – check out last year’s photos of my classes there.

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