Do More of What Makes You Happy or….The InkPad Workshop

I taught a class called Über*Media Backgrounds at The Ink Pad in New York City. It was a bit different in format as I did this class in two parts- the first part was at the end of October and the second yesterday.



The first part was dedicated to creating with all kinds of background techniques and making your own paper for an later art journal. It was loads of fun.



We used lot’s of different media





and played a lot with my StencilGirl Product stencils






the second part was about layering and taking the backgrounds even further and of course finally using them – in this case for an art journal






















I had a blast and loved the colorful creations of the girls. I also like the concept of an ongoing class – it gives you so many possibilities and is a great way for everyone to deepen the learned stuff and then take it further. And on top- I met “my girls” again . This might be something I will be doing again ;) – who knows ;)

What kind of classes do you prefer: One time and in person, on-going and in-person, online and just a short block or an ongoing online class?

Have a gorgeous day



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  • Jackie


    WOW! What fun Nat! It would be So Cool to be able to create with you- therefore I’d like an ongoing face to face! When can we schedule it for?!! LOL Wish we had somewhere around us that you could come teach at- no privately owned stamp/scrapbook stores within 75 miles from me :(
    Seriously, I would prefer face to face with instructor, on-going for sure or ongoing online. Thanks for sharing with us! hugs xo


  • Sue turchick


    Definitely in person! Love connecting with everyone elses’s energy and creativity. Nice meeting you, Nathalie!


  • Madeline Rains


    I like both online and in person. I’ve only had in person once! It was a few weeks ago in Charlotte when Julie taught there. I loved doing it live with the teacher’s inspiration right there. But there is something to be said for taking your time in your own studio, pausing when you need to and rewatching when necessary. I’d love an ongoing class.


  • petyvic


    I prefer online classes as i can enter the classroom whenever i want to check and/or refresh forgotten details. There are so many techs, that is impossible to remember all!…Thanks for your time, Nat!


  • Sue Clarke


    I really like in person and have never had ongoing but might like it.
    That being said, online means that I can go back and look over tuts again.


  • Ursula


    Beim schmaddern bist du in deinem Element *lol* Aber die Ergbnisse gefallen selbst clean&simple Anhängern wie mir ;)) Und die Adresse von diesem “vielversprechenden” Laden ist natürlich schon gespeichert – ich muss zu ggbner Zeit ja auch irgendwo shoppen gehen ;)
    LG Ursula


  • Denise spillane


    Looks like fun


  • Amante del Papel




  • Rob


    The classes sound great Nat. Love the concept of ongoing classes. It gives people the chance to explore what they do in the first class before moving on to the next step. I’d love to have that stamp shop near me, LOVE all of those wood mounted stamps in the background.


  • Seth


    Looks like it was a ton of fun Nat!


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