Europe Workshop Tour- Part 8 – De Craftorij Workshops in The Netherlands


After a couple days of relaxing, Birgit and I went down from the North of The Netherlands to Ede to teach at the De Cratorij Retreat. We had such a great time. We taught the same workshops as in Finland – a Mono printing Class together on saturday and then each of us an art journaling class on sunday.




Thank you so much to Liquitex for supplying all the acrylic media for my Europe Workshop tour! That was amazing!


Lia brought a lot of her store supplies to the hotel and it was pretty thrilling to see all those stamps and stencils of mine at one place – wowsers.



so many stunning pages in the mono printing class



and messy hands ;)


this is our Saturday group


we had a delicious dinner – and of course our table was the loudest!


with Birgit – miss her already!



we had mother and daughters spending a creative day together


and friends coming all the way from Belgium




we had a lot of fun as you can see


and I loved seeing so many familiar faces too -it always makes me super happy to see students again – sometimes years later


and here is Moreg and my sweet friend Marsha- which do not have a picture with – Hey Marsha, how did we forget this?




Such a positive and wonderful group of girls – thank you all for coming!






and then it was sadly time to pack the supplies up…and ooopsss – I guess I got some nice presents – Dutch Hagelslag with minions. Hagelslag are sprinkles that are eaten on sandwiches in The Netherlands. Thank you Helen and Sonja- they make me think of you every time I see the package and we are very excited here every time a minion falls out :)


Thank you Lia for having us – you were a terrific host and we had a wonderful time with you! I cannot wait to see you in January at CHA in Anaheim!


And thanks again to our gorgeous students- You ROCK!!!


That was it from the Europe Tour. The next morning we got up in the middle of the night, drove to Amsterdam and I flew home. But traveling was not quite over yet- stay tuned ;)

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  • Paulien


    It was SUPER !!!


  • Joi@RR


    You know what strikes me the most about seeing all your European Tour pictures Nat????? The fact that people all over the world “create” in the same way… doing the same things… smiling and forgetting their cares – loving one another. That probably seems like a strange thing for me to say but when you hear about all the challenges in this world every day – it’s just so refreshing to see how you went all over Europe and spread joy and love and paint! I love your art – you know how much I do. But I also love that you are such a wonderful Ambassador/Mentor/Teacher that can hold hands and love us all – worldwide… sharing, caring and giving across the world… what a great legacy Nat. I so admire you. Big hugs and big thanks…j.


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Joi – I love love love what you wrote here!!!! I would love to share this comment – it is so true! we are all create the same things, love the same things, care about the same things and want to forget the challenges in the world! Isn’t that a beautiful thing ! Thank you Joi for making my morning with this reminder!


  • Morag


    It was a great weekend and a whole lot of fun meeting you and Birgit!


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      It was wonderful to meet you Morag! Hope I will see you soon again!


  • Marie-Anne Raeman


    I enjoyed every minute of it, thank you for the wonderfull reportage of a great weekend


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Marie-Anne- thank you for coming all the way from Belgium- it was so good to see you again!!!!


  • Sue Clarke


    Birgit has such a nice smile that her personality jumps right off the post page to tell me that she’s friendly and full of mischief.
    The photo at the dinner table and the group class photo are so wonderful. Thanks for sharing your adventures with your loyal fans Nat!


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Sue – yep- you got it for Birgit – super friendly and full of mischief ;) Good mischief. Hopefully one day I will meet you too and we will smile a big smile at the camera :)


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