What is an Art Journal? or … When the Why is clear the How is easy!

Art Journal …What is this thing? Let me try to explain in this video in my thick dscherman accent ;)

I art journal for different reasons:

  • to try out now techniques or art supplies
  • to get me creatively into swing before I paint
  • to get emotions and thoughts visually out
  • to try something that I will later apply in one form or the other on a canvas

So an art journal for me is a safe creative playground ;)

Now that you know


or in other words, now that you know You are the Boss of your Art Journal …wouldn’t you wanna try it out? Come and join me for my new Art Journaling Online Class starting tomorrow – May 1st, 2015 – Art Journaling Demystified 


This class is for everyone who wants to start art journaling and wants to learn the basics on how to do this. Find more information and the sign up here!

And I would love to hear, if you do art journaling – what is the art journal is for you?

Have a gorgeous day


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