Fragmented J.C. Canvas


The last couple weeks I was working on a new 27.5×31.5 inches canvas. I had back in Hamburg already created a Hamburg themed one for the other side (below) and brought an identical canvas so that I could do a Jersey City Theme.

I  cannot wait to hang the second canvas and I hope it will be looking as good up there as the other one. Lady Liberty btw ….I know you think NYC, right? pffff- no way…she is standing with her back to Jersey City…meaning she is in OUR yard…not NYC’s yard ;)



I am up for another canvas this size…but I might have to rethink the wall spacing problem soon ;)

Have a wonderful day




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  • Laura


    I remember the Hamburg canvas. Love them both…Lovely pair! You must post a pic of them hanging together :)


  • Nurse-Ratchet


    FabUlous…is there extra white accents to commemorate the worst winter in several decades?.


  • gunvor


    They are both great! I just love lady liberty and how everything seems to grow from her. And the colours are stunning!


  • Katia


    wow is fantastic!


  • Deborah A. Pierro


    I love your new JC abstract! Didn’t you sell the Hamburg abstract to your old art firm?


  • Sue Clarke


    Those two will look awesome next to each other. Love how Lady Liberty came out (with your view showing). You’ll just need to erect a few more walls in your place.


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