And The Shark, It Has Teeth or… Art Journal Page



And the shark, it has teeth,

and it wears them in the face.

And Macheath, he has a knife, but the knife cannot be seen.

Then are some, who are in darkness

and others are in light.

And you see the ones in brightness.

those in darkness drop from sight.

– Bertholt Brecht –



I let my inner grunge out with this art journal page- loved it :)




Have a wonderful day





Comments (2)

  • Amante del Papel


    I love black and yellow, this combo is awesome!


  • Sue Clarke


    I don’t usually like that much black but this is great and of course goes with the quote. I would have to say that you took a “bite” out of this art journal page. Have a relaxing weekend Nat.


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