Art Journal Flip Through – 05/2019

I wanted to share a little Flip Through video of my newly finished art journal. I started this one in September 2018.

I keep about 4-5 journals at the same time. This is an art journal I made by hand, from start to finish. It’s something I’ve gotten more into and it’s a fun skill to learn. You can take my online workshop BYO Art Journal and start binding your own unique journals too.

Hope you enjoyed the flip through!

Comments (2)

  • ARHuelsenbeck


    I love looking over your shoulder while you flip through your journal.
    How did you film this? Do you put your camera on a tripod and angle it down?


  • Sue Clarke


    Loved it Nat!
    Be brave enough to let yourself be bad is a hard one for me…really need to let go of the need to do things “right”.


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