Artful Adventures Stroll – Transportation

Subway – Billy Collins 1941

As you fly swiftly underground

with a song in your ears

or lost in the maze of a book,

remember the ones who descended here

into the mire of bedrock

to bore a hole through this granite,

to clear a passage for you

where there was only darkness and stone.

Remember as you come up into the light.

I created this art journal page based on two inspiration photos I took for the “Stroll Through The Hood Challenge” . You can see a free video  on how I created the page and my thought process while doing it in the classroom accompanying the challenge if you haven’t yet. You can sign up here

I love the poem and I liked incorporating it into my art journal. All in all I am so grateful we have such an amazing public transportation system here- unless it is early in the morning and the train is full to the brim. Good think I work mostly from home ;)

Hope your days is awesome filled with easy transportation – no traffic jams- no packed trains :)

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  • Sue Clarke


    Speaking of transportation…I just received an email from amazon that your book should arrive to be on May 31st!
    Earlier than I expected it…woot woot.
    Hope you have a glorious day Nat.


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