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Become your Dream – it’s up to you!

For this art journal spread used layered stencil- like my crackle stencil and the Cityscape Stencil by my friend Julie – on top of each other and used Liquitex spray paints. I really love how the background pops out with those darker colors sprayed on top.



I sprayed on top again with a lighter color using my Circuit Stencil and also did some marks using markers (they are called markers for a reason, aren’t they? snigger)



I love the results when you use acrylic spray paints- I am so happy about the weather getting better now so I can use them more.


Have a beautiful day



Comments (4)

  • Denise spillane


    Love these pages. Great stencils


  • Tracy


    A nighttime cityscape, the love the bright colors against the darker background colors. It looks better with just a bit of black, but with blues and greens. Those stencils are incredible!


  • Sue Clarke


    The circuit stencil is so much more versatile than I had thought it would be. Nice combo and I love the strong, vibrant colors that you get from spray paints Nat.


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