Harmony and Happiness or…5 mins for arting

It is been crazy busy the last couple weeks and it will be even more with the move soon. One of the things that keep me sane though is that I really make an effort to do at least something for five minutes in my art journal every day or sketch. I know …not much – but somehow it makes me feel really happy to have this “who cares of the outcome- I need this” time


For this page I just real quick the Pam Carriker liquid pencil – so much fun to get this dimension with it. I had before just use the access on my StandUp Bass Stencil with Black and my Crackle Stencil sprayed with White Liquitex Professional Spray on the pages and then used watercolor over it. I love how the white crackle resisted the watercolor and also how the crackle pattern got combined with the StandUp Bass. I cut out the third image from paper and layered it on. I like this really simple page- It made me think of some more possibilities of using different media together and combining stencil…so five minutes well used I think ;)



Here is what I used on one spot:


Are you trying to make time to be creative eyer day- or do you just see whenever there is some “me”-time for you left to get creative?

Have a wonderful day


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  • Sue Clarke


    I have gotten away from the art journal time each day since the end of the year with Julie’s suggestion to art journal every day, but I do like to get some time in. Even just 10 minutes is enough to get down a layer of paint of a spray to a stencil. I’ll have to check out the liquid pencil.


  • Corrine


    Sweet blues music coming from this journal page. xox


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