I am not what I am …or In My Art Journal Today


I am not what I am. I am what I do with my hands.


I used Acrylic Paints and my Stamps and Stencils and wrote the quote with Acrylic Inks onto a piece of washi paper. I found the photo many years ago at a flea market in Germany and I always wondered about the story behind it.


Here are some of the supplies I used:


Do old photos you see at a flea market intrigue you too?

Have a gorgeous day!


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  • Cynthia


    Absolutely! I have a couple of shoeboxes full and several old albums that I have picked up at flea markets and antique shows. My mom thinks it’s sad that someone’s family doesn’t want them but I like to think it’s a way of honouring them, to use their pictures in my art. I am always curious about the people in the photos and what they might have been doing when the photo was taken.


  • Sue Clarke


    Yes they do and my son thinks it’s strange that I buy pics of people that I don’t know. He does like making up the stories with me however.


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