I Just Want to …. or In My Art Journal Today


“I just want to spend the rest of my life laughing”


I painted the background of my art journal spread and then used various left overs from mono prints I had done on deli paper and watercolor paper. I collaged the papers onto my background with Matte Gel Medium. Especially the Deli Paper fuses nicely into the background and is an awesome paper to use for collage.


I used Markers for the image and the journaling and highlighted areas with the white Signo Pen. I actually liked working with a very light background and adding darker focal points to it- I often tend to work from dark to light … time to challenge myself to change that up a bit more often.


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  • Joi@RR


    Just love your smile so… I want you to spend the rest of your life laughing too Nat. Laughing when your heart is aching is good medicine but it’s hard too. Love this layout! Thinking of you. j


  • Sue Clarke


    Oh I see dogs. Nice saying as well.


  • pretzelcityusa


    I am so inspired by your style of painting. I love all the magazine figures and how they are evolving. I am a beginner learner and doing this style of artwork is really encouraging me to get creative. Thank-you for all your sharing.


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