Flower Maze Happy Birthday Card!

Lately I have fun making cards. I don’t like to spend a crazy amount of time on them but when I have no time for painting or art journaling it is such a fun way to spent some time with paint and ..never bad to have some of those handy :)

I taped an area of my new Flower Maze Stencil to make sure I just stencil inside the hexagon which kind of represents a flower for me :)

I used a cosmetic sponge and dabbed it in different colors of acrylic paints which were next to each other on a paint palette. The pouncing left some raised textured areas which I really love. I am such a sucker for texture :)

I used a black pen and outlined some areas and then wrote my Bday song around the flower. That was fun. Here is the card again

Now …let’s see who gets this card for the birthday – it is ready to go :)

Here are the supplies I used for this card:

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