Triangle Love Holiday Cards

handmade card with triangle shaped trees with toppers, besides the card some triangle shaped and patterned rubberstamps that were used to create the card.

It seems so early to start making holiday cards but I am determined to not get caught in my usual December panic “waahhhhh I didn’t even start yet” LOL. Because quite frankly – I looooovee to get holiday cards, but of course …you gotta spread the love yourself, no? So, I wanted to share with you some holiday cards I put together using my Triangle Love and Fan-fare rubber stamp sets. These are just a few ideas that I was playing around with. Both of these sets are super versatile so I can even imagine a bunch more ideas will come once you start creating.

Let’s get started!

Using my Tulip Triangle, I started lining up the pattern to build a larger triangle shape on my card.

Triangle shaped Rubber stamp used on a blank card to create a big triangle shape

I stamped my Solid Triangle off to either side, in the same manner, building larger triangles. 

three hand stamped triangle shapes in a row with a triangle rubber stamp

Then I added another pattern on top in a darker green ink. I chose my Empire Triangle and Stained Glass Triangle. I think you can see where this is going ;) I also used the Small Solid Triangle to create the tree trunk because, you guessed it, these are nice little Christmas trees.

And then I used one of the small stamps from my Fan-fare stamp set as a tree topper.

Next just add your message and there you go – easy card idea #1 for you.

How about a card that features an ornament for the holiday season? I began by stamping the Sunburst Triangle from the Triangle Love set onto a card, flipping the stamp around to double it up.

I added another pair to the left and right, and then below to create a larger diamond shape.

This reminds me of a vintage glass ornament. I then added one of the Fan-fare stamps here and there to give the scene a little sparkle.

Then you can add your hangers and tinsel and a nice message to finish it off. There you have it – card idea #2!

Finally another ornament idea, this time layering the Star Triangle over the Solid Triangle.

One of the stamps from Fan-fare makes a very nice ornament topper.

Then tie it all together with some sketchy lines and your sentiment. Voilà! Card idea #3 and hopefully you are on your way to a stress free holiday season (lol) now that you are ahead of the game with cards. I am not sure that holds true for me in regards of making holiday cards, but now that the first ones are done – my ideas keep on flowing :)

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  • Sue Clarke


    Very cute cards and I really like the shade of green and purple which you used.
    December will be here before we know it, so it’s not too early to make cards!


    • nathalie-kalbach


      Thank you so much Sue! So true about making cards maybe this year I will be getting there :)


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