12 Days of California Part II: My Stampendous Stamps Debut at CHA



Seeing my own stamp designs and my photo at the Stampendous Booth was sooooo cool.



I came into the Convention Center a little bit before my class started and took a peek at the booth…(the show wasn’t open to the public yet)


I was all by myself and I was looking at this in disbelieve- it honestly felt unreal as if the alarm clock would ring the next minute to make me wake up and realize this was just a dream. Instead my alarm went off that I would have to run to my first CHA class ever- 50 Retailers – waiting to play with my Stamps and other Stampendous Products.


It was a fun class- and after an uncomfortable two seconds realizing that someone hung a microphone on my clothes “FREAK- I never had a mic while teaching” I got the hang out of it, as I already started loosing my voice after teaching the last two days six classes at ArtVenture. I was also happy to see some familiar faces from either working together before or students that took my ArtVenture Class- that was fun!



Teaching Retailers is definitely different. A lot of my students in this class did not come because they love Mixed Media- but because they wanted to get educated in Mixed Media and learn about it because they realized there is a huge demand for it in their stores. It was a very different approach in this class when my usual let loose and get creative.  I enjoyed when some of them that never played with paint told me they liked it a lot and get their costumer love for it :) Right on ;)



And btw not every teacher at CHA as a good friend like JumpStarter Joe Rotella who comes with a chef hat into your class to deliver lunch because he knows you never eat right at CHA ;) Thank you Joe- that made me laugh so hard…too bad I had a mic – my already loud laughing must have scared my students a lot – LOL



I learned a lot  by teaching this class and hopefully there will be another opportunity for a CHA class in the future. I loved seeing my stamps being used – it made me all giddy :)








Thank you Liquitex, Speedball,  May Arts and Imagine Crafts(Tsukineko) for sponsoring my Stampendous Class!


I demoed also a couple days at the Stampendous booth…until I lost my voice totally – but hey…I sounded really interesting- LOL




And I loved having friends over and Cindy Bundy from the Stampendous Designteam showing me her sample


Thank you to all of you who took my CHA Class and came to see my demos ! Thank you also to the awesome Stampendous Staff who did such an amazing job behind the scenes and helped me during and after my classes!

I am going to add a list of the stores that cary my stamps to my website here soon – they are already available and I know some stores have them already in the house :)

More about CHA and which trends I observed will follow :)

have a gorgeous day

huge hugs



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  • MaryRedford


    hello N* Studo , wow where can I get the back groiund stamps I would love to buy them your are doing a great teaching job thank you for shareing with us ……………..

    I love getting paint all over too ..I just got home from Calif we went to see our daughter and her family. we was there for 10 days but are back home now…..MaryRedford


  • Seth


    Congrats Nat. Your stamps look amazing!!


  • Kim Gillaspy


    congrate on your new stamp cant wait to get them


  • Kirsten Alicia


    I’m so glad you enjoyed your CHA experience, even with no voice. :) I love your stamps & the samples look amazing.


  • Martha Richardson


    Can’t wait to get my hands on these stamps…oh boy!!!!


  • morningdove


    I am so enjoying CJS 2014 and all the wonderful artist teachers. just what I needed to keep going and I am trying it all and using so many things I already have in my stash.


  • Helen


    Congrats. Love your designs. You are amazing and I love your success.
    Be very proud and happy. :):)


  • Lizzie


    Congratulations! You seem to have had an awesome time. Hope some of your stamps are in their way to the UK as I NEED them!


  • scrapinsue


    Joe looks like such a fun-loving guy…and he brought you lunch (what a true friend).
    I’m so proud of you and your growth in the mixed media field.
    It didn’t dawn on me that you would be teaching retailers, but that makes sense when I thing of who attends CHA. I bet most of them had fun even if they started the day with thoughts of getting info just for their customers.
    You r-o-c-k Nat and now more of the creative world knows it!


  • Leah


    I love your stamps – they are the kinds of designs I could use over and over on so many projects.


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