Jumping with… Jane LaFazio – A CJS Interview Series

So happy to share with you today a special video interview I did with one of our Creative JumpStart 2020 teachers: Jane LaFazio. Jane joins us again for this season of CJS and I couldn’t be more excited. I have known Jane for many years and long admired her artwork before finally getting to meet her in person at a teaching gig we were both attending.

A little about Jane: Jane began her artistic journey as a technical illustrator but after some drawing classes she realized her talent (and wow is she talented!) with drawing and later added watercolor, stitching, and all manner of fiber arts into her mixed media repertoire. In this interview she talks jewelry (oolala) and the joys of the simple things in life. She talks about how she combines various media and the flexibility that mixed media as an artform provides to an artist. Jane also explains how she uses her art journal while traveling to gather inspiration for future pieces, and how she makes color choices in her art journal and fiber art pieces.

Thank you Jane!

You can learn more about Jane here on her website and here on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

And now it is your turn to find the simple and expressive joy in creating this January: Sign up TODAY for Creative JumpStart 2020 and get 31 different mixed media lessons from 31 Super Hero Artists like Jane LaFazio.  Hope to see you in the CJS classroom soon :)

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  • Sue


    To Nathalie and Jane: Good morning…How could you not love Jane? I took a class from Jane when she taught her class at Sketchbook Skool. I was looking through my class sketchbook the other day and I have photos of me and my husband standing in a yoga position in a movie theater in front of a poster because of a suggestion in Jane’s class….I’m in my 70’s and my husband is in his 80’s. I still remember the feeling I had when we were being silly that day. I love Jane’s teaching style, her art and especially her happy, positive personality. Her super power through my eyes would be her ability to lift people up and encourage people to live life to the fullest. I’m looking forward to her class. Thank you for these interviews, Nathalie….so fun and informative. ? Happy Holidays!


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