Jumping with… Kae Pea – A CJS Interview Series

So happy to share with you today a special video interview I did with one of our Creative JumpStart 2020 teachers: Kae Pea. I have known Kae Pea for years and in addition to being a talented artist and educator, she is also the head of RubberMoon and ArtFoamies. In this interview Kae Pea talks about her artistic super power, a surprisingly approachable way to use watercolor paints, and an encouragement to use some of the stamps in your stash that you haven’t for a while. She also discusses her business and the heart that goes into that, as well as her educational content on Patreon. And we end the interview getting good and mushy so you definitely want to check that out!

Thank you Kae Pea!

You can learn more about Kae Pea (including links to her Patreon) on her website.

Sign up now for Creative JumpStart 2020 if you haven’t yet and make use of our special sale now – just $45 through the end of April 2020. If you have already jumped into the classroom, check out some of the tutorials and also work of other students again. There is so much inspiration in there: 31 different mixed media lessons from 31 Super Hero Artists like Kae Pea.  Hope to see you in the CJS classroom soon :)

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  • JoAnn Campisi


    Enjoyed your video. Congratulations on purchasing Art Foamies – love them. I enjoyed your CJS class Kae Pea and I immediately bought the da vinci watercolor brush that you recommended. But…….it is still in the package it came in…..need to fix that. Need to revisit CJS 2020.


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