Nat’s Spring Pattern Fun – Video 1-7 Recap

When I received my new RubberMoon Stamp Designs I once again couldn’t stop making samples and patterns (remember last year’s April Patterns — well it happened again this year lol). I decided to record a short video for some of them and post them on my Instagram.

These videos are short and sweet – You can see what I use and how I pull the pattern together. I hope it inspires you to give some of them a try and maybe come up with your own too.

Here is a recap of Patterns 1-7 – I hope you enjoy :)

First up is a simple but very bold pattern using the Empire Triangle stamp from my Triangle Love stamp set:


Video 02 is a super easy pattern using my Stained Glass Triangle from my Triangle Love stamp set:


Next up is an argyle style diamond pattern using my Star Triangle stamp from my Triangle Love stamp set:


Video 04 is using my Sunburst Triangle stamp from the Triangle Love set to create hexagons:


Video 05 shows 2 border patterns and a loose field of pattern, all using stamps from the Triangle Love Set:


Next up is a pattern using my Mini Motifs stamp set – 3 stamps from that set that fit nicely together:


Video 07 is using the Tulip Triangle from my Triangle Love set and it is neat to watch the hexagon transform into a star and then into a larger hexagon:

Here are some of the stamps I used for these patterns:

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