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Nat’s Spring Pattern Fun – Video 8-14 Recap

When I received my new RubberMoon Stamp Designs I once again couldn’t stop making samples and patterns (remember last year’s April Patterns — well it happened again this year lol). I decided to record a short video for some of them and post them on my Instagram.

These videos are short and sweet – You can see what I use and how I pull the pattern together. I hope it inspires you to give some of them a try and maybe come up with your own too.

Here is a recap of Patterns 8-14 – I hope you enjoy :)

Pattern 08: First up is a simple linear pattern using my Mini Motifs and Fan-fare stamp sets. 2 colors + 2 stamps = Pattern Success


Pattern 09: Next up is another duo – I love when stuff fits nicely together and that is the key with this pattern. I’m using one stamp from my Hex Set Small along with one stamp from my Triangle Love set. 


Pattern 10: How about Diamonds and … Pearls? I made this pattern with one of my Triangle Love stamps and one of my Small Circle Jumble stamps.


Pattern 11: Another fits-just-right combo is my Solid Hex Large with my Triangle Love stamps overtop. This pattern also has a stamp from my Floral Tile Small set in there too. Hexes, triangles, and squares.


Pattern 12: Balancing delicate and bold is a winning strategy for patterns. In this one I use some stamps from my Mini Motifs set and the Solid Triangle Large stamp from my Triangle Love set.


Pattern 13: My Triangle Love stamps are also designed to play really well with my Hex Set Large rubber stamps: the sides of the triangles are the same length as that of the hexes. Look how that can translate into a great field of pattern!


Pattern 14: How easy is it? All you need is a couple triangle stamps and 2 different ink colors to make a field of pattern.

Here are some of the stamps I used for these patterns:

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Nat’s Spring Pattern Fun – Video 1-7 Recap

When I received my new RubberMoon Stamp Designs I once again couldn’t stop making samples and patterns (remember last year’s April Patterns — well it happened again this year lol). I decided to record a short video for some of them and post them on my Instagram.

These videos are short and sweet – You can see what I use and how I pull the pattern together. I hope it inspires you to give some of them a try and maybe come up with your own too.

Here is a recap of Patterns 1-7 – I hope you enjoy :)

First up is a simple but very bold pattern using the Empire Triangle stamp from my Triangle Love stamp set:


Video 02 is a super easy pattern using my Stained Glass Triangle from my Triangle Love stamp set:


Next up is an argyle style diamond pattern using my Star Triangle stamp from my Triangle Love stamp set:


Video 04 is using my Sunburst Triangle stamp from the Triangle Love set to create hexagons:


Video 05 shows 2 border patterns and a loose field of pattern, all using stamps from the Triangle Love Set:


Next up is a pattern using my Mini Motifs stamp set – 3 stamps from that set that fit nicely together:


Video 07 is using the Tulip Triangle from my Triangle Love set and it is neat to watch the hexagon transform into a star and then into a larger hexagon:

Here are some of the stamps I used for these patterns:

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NEW Rubber Stamps – Spring 2020 Release

I have some NEW rubber stamps coming out today! It’s a big exciting group and I am very happy to be sharing them with you. AND if you are around today (April 3rd) at 12noon EST be sure to catch me LIVE on Facebook for my Kaffeeklatsch where I will be showing the new guys :)

In the meantime, here we go. Here is the Wabi Sabi set, a fun set of 6 little stamps that are perfect for adding abstract, mark making to your artwork:

And here are some of these stamps in action:

Next up is the Mini Motifs set – all these were inspired by designs that I found on my fireplaces at home!

The Mini Motifs can be used for so many patterns or for a little ornament here and there:

And then there is the Triangle Love set – wow these are fun to use for making patterns. I will show you in a bit how you can make kaleidoscope-like patterns by rotating and stamping the triangles… 

These are amazing to play with to create patterns:

And finally two different birds in the Bird Stamps set – Early Bird and Nightingale so you can “put a bird on it” ;)

Here are these lovelies:

I hope to see you at the Kaffeeklatsch later today to see the new stamps and just to catch up on everything:

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New Product Announcement: Solid Shape Rubber Stamps

I am happy to announce that the 4 new rubber stamps in the collection are here! This makes the “family complete” as these new Solid stamps are a great addition to the Hex and Floral Tile sets.

The Solid Hex Large is fun to use on its own with different color inks or even black and white. But as with all these new stamps, it is an amazing partner with its patterned counterpoint… the Hex Set Large stamps and as seen below the Hex Set Small stamps.

You can stamp a field of them and then add the patterned stamps overtop:

The pattern above also includes the cute little Solid Hex Small stamp:

This is again, great on its own…

… but WOW is it fun to pair up with the Hex Set Small stamps:

Next up is the Solid Square Large:

Simple and bold on its own…

… but oh so nice to stamp with under the Floral Tile Large set!

And finally the Solid Square Small stamp:

This one is amazing for checkerboard backgrounds:

And then you add some stamps on top like my Love Tag or Hope Tag or Star Tag ;)

And here is a sample mixing up the Large and Small Solid Squares with my Floral Tile Large and Fanfare sets for some yummy pattern:

And another pattern getting the Solid Fan Large and Small and Fantastic Large and Small in the mix :)

You can find all my rubber stamps in my shop here and here are some of the supplies I used for these samples:

And don’t forget that now is a great time to get the online workshop Creative JumpStart 2019 – on SALE!!! Sale ends July 17th at 11:59pm EST so SIGN UP HERE TODAY. JumpStart YOUR creativity this summer!

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Love is Love – Art Journal

Love is Love is Love

I stamped out a rainbow flag in my art journal using a whole bunch of my rubber stamps – they are all in the links below. I’ve been really into using colored ink pads since I got the Moonlight Duos. They work great with my rubber stamp sets and if you remember to clean your stamps in between colors you can get really clean colors.

I finished the page with my Love Knots and Star Tag stamps, and my message with a Fude Pen.

Here are some of the supplies I used, including all those different stamps:

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Rubber Stamp Demo This Friday at The Ink Pad, NYC

Join me Friday June 7th from 4-7pm at The Ink Pad in NYC! I’m super excited to be able to drop into this amazing store – right in the heart of New York City and so close to my own hood.

And The Ink Pad is making the event even more fun: The first 5 people to show up will receive a Moonlight Ink Pad.

I’ll be demoing my new rubber stamp sets. Maybe there will be some pattern demos and layering demos. I learned so much about these stamps just by playing with them myself. Join me and see for yourself.

The Ink Pad is located at 37 7th Ave, between 12th and 13th Streets. Drop in and say Hi! :)

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Today – Art Journal

“He said: “There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow. So today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.”

The red/pink part of the Art Journal spread was done with some mono printing on a gelli plate. I used my Downtown Foam Stamp onto the plate and love how the pattern came through.

I painted part of the spread over with black gesso and once dry stamped on top with the Versailles Stamps from my Large Floral rubber stamp Set. For the white I used the second white pad in the Moonlight Duo Stamp Sets. So cool – once the white is dry it is permanent and it is pretty opaque as you can see.

I really love how this turned out – there is something about the grungy look of the monoprinted part and the black and white that just speaks to me.

Here are some of the supplies I used for this page:

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A Look Back – Cool Stuff You May Have Missed 05

A Look Back – a blog series to show you some projects and posts that you may have missed – sometimes going WAY back in the archive. I think it will be fun to revisit a few ideas that we haven’t seen for a while. I’m excited to see how a little look back might inspire something new in the future :)

All month I have been posting Nat’s April Patterns videos on Instagram showing how to make patterns with my new rubber stamps. It’s been a lot of fun and maybe you are looking for ways to use these patterns, so this time I’m going to show posts and projects using rubber stamps! Here is A Look Back at some ideas. Enjoy!

First is an art journal spread from a couple year ago where I used watercolors to color the rubber stamped cityscape I built. I love how easy and quick it can be to add color to stamps in this way. Here I started with my Stroll Through the Hood 1 and 2 stamp sets and then added bright hues that make me happy.

When I was on that same kick of creating neighborhood scenes with rubber stamps from my Stroll Through the Hood 1 and 2 stamp sets, I tried something different in this art journal spread: I colored them using fluid acrylic paints. You have to be a bit more careful to stay in the lines, but it’s a much bolder effect.

In 2017 Kim and I had this playdate where we used rubber stamps on white ceramic pieces – flower pots and vases. Here she is using stamps from my Cardboard set and from my Embroidery set. You can find a lot of plain white ceramics online that are just begging for a little personality.

In 2018 Kim and I got together for this playdate to use rubber stamps as a pattern for embroidery. Here is my Craftsman stamp from the Stroll Around the Block set getting an embroidery treatment on a t-shirt. It’s fun and relaxing and you get a really unique clothing item in the end.

And finally, from back in 2016, Creative Squad alum Michelle Rydell used embossing powder to make this rubber stamped bird really pop on a black background. Using embossing powder with rubber stamps is fun to begin with and once you add a dark background – wow. I love it!

I hope you enjoyed A Look Back through my archive and maybe you are inspired to try some of the rubber stamp techniques I shared.

Here are some of the supplies that were used in these pieces:

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  • julie


    I loved your art journal page with the gold gesso years ago! I bought some and the jar was broken and a hot mess but had fun applying it to everything in sight. This year I tried the clear gesso on top of an IOD transfer on a journal and it was very nice indeed to watercolor on. Thank you for the reminder to dig up those old tools and make them new again.


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Rubber Stamped Reusable Shopping Bags – DIY Play Date

After getting into making patterns with my rubber stamp sets, I knew I wanted to take that idea and use it on a couple fabric projects. Kim and I got together to put some of those lovely patterns to use on reusable shopping bags. Our neighborhood is getting rid of plastic bags in June so we wanted to be ready to shop with a unique tote or two.

The supplies couldn’t be simpler: white (pre-washed and pre-ironed) cotton tote bags, a selection of my rubber stamps, and ink pads that are for stamping on fabric. We used Tsukineko Momento Luxe inks – you can find the links for those below.

We both took a minute to page through the pattern book I made with all those Nat’s April Patterns. It has become a great source to go to for inspiration.

Before you begin stamping, put some cardboard or a magazine in between the layers of your bag so it doesn’t bleed through. Be careful of any creases or gaps or textures in this – it can show up in your stamping. It is best to find something smooth for in there.

I started with the Jewett stamp from my Fan-tastic Large set and inked it up in yellow. The fabric ink is kind of sticky and you have to be a bit fast and also thorough with the inking.

It is easiest to start your pattern in the center of the bag and then work your way out. That way it will be even left to right and you can decide how close to the edges you want to go.

The ink colors can be light in some cases and bolder in others.

After two layers of the Fan-tastic Jewett Fan, I switched to the Hamilton design from the Floral Tile Large set and started stamping in a magenta color.

Looks great already but needs something more…

I finished off the pattern with a stamp from the Fanfare set.

Kim jumped in with my Solid Fan in the large size to do a simple but cool scallop pattern.

She chose a lot of different fun colors – don’t forget to clean your stamps in between colors. Also, you can see that with the solid stamp, the texture of the cardboard insert shows a bit – not a bad effect but something to consider when choosing a liner.

Kim found another pattern in my book that she really liked. She chose three ink colors. And the pattern needed one stamp from the Small Hex set and the two Diamond Hex stamps from the Large Hex set.

She started with the red ink and then filled in with yellow.

Looks awesome! And shows you don’t have to cover the entire bag.

Kim’s bag and the pattern inspiration.

For my second bag I chose a pattern and decided to make it bigger. Tip: You will get a lot more done if you go with a larger stamp ;)

I began with the Space Oddity stamp from the Large Hex set, added a red Fan-fare stamp in the middle, and then I took a minute to choose my next stamp. More Fan-fare or the Broadway Fan from the Fan-tastic Small set?

I went with Broadway Fan :)

And here is the finished bag next to the inspiration.

Our bags included a little pocket pouch to fold the bag into for storage. We decided to stamp that too. Here I used the Fan-fare stamps and the Small Hex set.

Then you can store them like this.

They look pretty awesome! Remember to follow your ink instructions for setting the ink. Every fabric ink is different. These will need to be ironed to heat set the ink.

I’m ready for a plastic bag free Jersey City :)

Here are some of the supplies that we used:

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  • Mary Cheng


    This is fabulous!
    I sew Boomerang bags for our local community to make people aware of plastic bag issues in our environment.
    I think printing with your foamies will add an artistic touch to our bags! I will give it a go with the inks you mentioned. I do have some of you foamies and hope there is more at a local craft fair next week!
    Thank you Nathalie


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