Block Party Mini Painting

Block Party Mini is another painting inspired by my strolls through the hood and is part of my neighborhood series. ⁠I am having so much fun with this series and also really enjoy making multiple versions on different substrates.

The combination of classic row house architecture and a colorful contemporary mural is something that is not uncommon in this city – and I am a fan of it. In this scene a wonderful mural by @zoonchez (on instagram) depicts a festive block party, you can almost hear the old skool hip hop (maybe Sugarhill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight?) and get a feel for the vibe.

There will be a dessert place coming soon in the storefront and boy I cannot wait :)

“Block Party Mini” is an original painting made with spray paint, markers, acrylic paint, gouache, and stencils on canvas board and measures 8″x8″ and available now in my store! EDITED: SOLD

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  • Sue Clarke


    Love it Nat and could you please stop selling out of your minis so quickly! ;-)


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