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Artwork is on Sale!

As part of my BIG Holiday Sale in the Online Shop, all Artwork is 30% off too! Artwork is one of those very special and personal gifts and maybe you were thinking about someone on you list or maybe just yourself ;)

I have stuff at each price point including Giclee Prints of some of my paintings like:

…a winter scene that I call 1.25.2016 because it was the day of a big blizzard, and also This Too Shall Pass, a local scene with one of my favorite murals of a wave in it.

I have original paintings like Hamburg Harbor and Tacheles, both scenes from my native Germany.

Highline and Swapped are both scenes from NYC and both original paintings on canvas.

As you can see, buildings, the cityscape, and my neighborhood are huge sources of inspiration for my paintings. In the layers I create I am both playing with media but also suggesting a lot of history and change that these places have seen. Painting them is so important for me and I am planning on exploring all of this with a much greater focus in the months to come. Stay tuned :)

In the meantime though, shop the sale! It is a great time to get something to hang on your walls for a nice price indeed.

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Corner Store – New Painting

Corner Store is a new small painting inspired by my Strolls Through the Hood.

Corner Stores and Bodegas are often a lifeline in our communities- there are many people that depend on them. Whether it be to get some small grocery items, the newspaper, a cup of coffee, have packages delivered there or a listening owner to the worries of someone who lives in the neighborhood they are essential to every city neighborhood.

This particular corner store used to be a bakery selling bread and rolls , what is it about corner businesses that offer the most essential items?

Corner Store measures 8×8 inches on canvas board and would love to find a new home !

Comments (2)

  • Sue Clarke


    Love it!


    • nathalie-kalbach


      Thank you so much Sue – it feels good to finally be back a bit more to painting


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Up in the Hills – New Painting

“Up in the Hills” is a new painting inspired by my Strolls through the Hood in Jersey City.

Moore’s Place, a bar and jazz club run by Mrs. Ruth, has been here for over 60 years as part of the neighborhood, and now during the pandemic has become a special, magical space with live jazz music outside every weekend to soothe our souls.

The building itself used to have a different life long before the music arrived – there is still machinery in the basement.

I have yet to uncover the history of this building – one day I will ask Mrs Ruth, but right now I let her hustle and bustle around us lucky happy faces when we are here to listen to the music and see the people of the neighborhood, while eating Mrs Ruth delicious fish fry.

For this painting I used spray paint, acrylic paint, gouache, and markers on canvas. Give Moore’s Place a new home – and purchase it here in my storeedited: So stoked this painting found a new home at home here in Jersey City !!!

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Come, take a virtual stroll through the hood with me!

I thought you would like seeing the recording of my Jersey City Art and Studio Tour – A Stroll Through the Hood. Let me take you on a virtual stroll with some narrative and paintings in context.

Nathalie Kalbach – JCAST 2020 from Nathalie Kalbach on Vimeo.

It was a lot of fun putting it together- although making it work for 8 minutes was a tough one as you know – I am not good in keeping myself short LOL. Let me know what you think – I would love to hear from you!

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  • Susu Ko


    Hi! Ich finde es super, wie du dich für die Geschichte deiner neuen Nachbarschaft interessierst! Und dein “kleines” Art Journal – ich wünschte, wir könnten hier auch an solche Schätze rankommen! Bis bald und alles Gute!


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Essential Business – Painting

I painted “Essential Business” in response to the closing of all businesses in New Jersey due to COVID-19, except those deemed essential. In New Jersey liquor stores are of course classified as essential.

I was inspired by my Strolls through the Hood in Jersey City for this mixed media painting, and specifically a row of businesses with great looking signs and a lot of vintage character.

As a European I am also still amazed by the fact that often times liquor stores and pharmacies are in one building -just calling it Drugs and Liquor – lots of thoughts provoked by this in me.

This original painting was made with spray paint, acrylic paint, gouache, and markers on canvas and it measures 10×10″. It would love to find a new home and you can buy it here in my store if you are interested.

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Summit Mansion – Painting

Here is another take on the beautiful mansion in my neighborhood.

I cannot wait to see the house in person again as well – I really miss my stroll through the hood.

But I am glad I have so many photos to keep me inspired to paint.

This painting would love to find a new home – it is available in the store.

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Neo Greek to Me – Painting

Another version of a painting of those gorgeous Neo Greek brownstones in my neighborhood.

I had such a great time painting this using Spraypaints, Markers, stencils and stamps.

This might be one of my favorites of my Stroll Through the Hood Painting Series. But hey – there will be more lol.

This 10×10” canvas is still available in my store and I would love if it would find a loving new home.

And please join me tomorrow for a Facebook Live Kaffeeklatsch at 12noon EST! I would love to say Hi and catch up on everything new at n*Studio :)

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Summit Mansion Mini – Painting

This little painting already found a loving home and I am so excited about it.

It makes me really happy to know that my Stroll Through the Hoods paintings do resonate with you and there are other architecture lovers out there :)

Now when I walk by the house I will think “someone else likes you so much – you are now part of a different home in a different state as well” – I like that thought.

I hope you are all doing well- please stay safe and healthy!

Comments (2)

  • jeanne


    I am so pleased and joyful with “my” paintings. I have been a quilter for 30 yrs and given away most of the quilts or wall hangings. I share your feeling of a bit of sadness when they leave the nest, some are really hard to let go. Now a days I only make quilts for those I know will truly appreciate them and I am keeping many more for myself! Thank you again for you inspirational work that brings joy to our house.


  • Deborah Pierro


    Nat–I love your building paintings. That is truly your niche!
    p.s. Don’t forget to change your copyright on your website to 2006-2020!


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Neo Greek to Me Mini – Painting

This Mini Painting on canvas board called “Mini Greek to Me” already found a loving home – but I would still like to share :)

I love this row of 5 Neo Greek style brownstones in my neighborhood.

Every time I pass them I see some other detail that intrigues me and the more I research the different styles of Brownstones the more I can categorize them.

My new routine is to first sketch and work on the building in my art journal – and then I paint it on a small and bigger canvas at the same time and last I add it to a huge ledger from 1840 which I want to fill with all those buildings and I call it the Stroll Through the Hood Ledger. I will share some pix or a little video with you some time later this year.

I have a lot of fun with those paintings. As said this one found a home – basically the moment I said I finished it on Instagram- if you want to check out my other paintings- head on over to the store. I always love heading to the post office and send a painting out …also because I pass those Neo Greek houses on the way ;) 

Comments (1)

  • Sue Clarke


    Lovely! Mine is already hung up in the hallway!


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