Neo Greek to Me Mini – Painting

This Mini Painting on canvas board called “Mini Greek to Me” already found a loving home – but I would still like to share :)

I love this row of 5 Neo Greek style brownstones in my neighborhood.

Every time I pass them I see some other detail that intrigues me and the more I research the different styles of Brownstones the more I can categorize them.

My new routine is to first sketch and work on the building in my art journal – and then I paint it on a small and bigger canvas at the same time and last I add it to a huge ledger from 1840 which I want to fill with all those buildings and I call it the Stroll Through the Hood Ledger. I will share some pix or a little video with you some time later this year.

I have a lot of fun with those paintings. As said this one found a home – basically the moment I said I finished it on Instagram- if you want to check out my other paintings- head on over to the store. I always love heading to the post office and send a painting out …also because I pass those Neo Greek houses on the way ;) 

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  • Sue Clarke


    Lovely! Mine is already hung up in the hallway!


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