Lettuce Build a Better Tomorrow – Pass the Brush Collaboration

I hope you had a chance to tune into my Instagram Thursday and Friday for a takeover from the super talented printmaker, book artist, and artfoamies designer Sarah Matthews!

When Sarah and I talked about the process and got to know each other we decided we would want to challenge each other by sending each other a background which then the receiving artist would finish up – A real Collaboration …passing the brush so to speak. Here is what Sarah sent me!

I loved it right away – in one of our conversations I had mentioned that I had a garden and some lettuce and she thought of her carved lettuce stamp.

I love the background and cool layering – It was sooo precious- But then I got to work.

I started layering with some Moonlight Duo Ink and my Weave Art Foamie stamp.

I felt I needed to add just a little bit more and thought the intersections of the lettuces make a fun triangle area …and well …a garden has flowers…sometimes …if you do not forget to water them ;)

so I used the Tulip Triangle from my Triangle Love Set and added this to the print.

And then I felt I would really not want to cover it more as I wanted to keep Sarah’s background alive and so I went for a final addition of adding some text.

I pulled out my woodblocks and some Speedball inks and added this …

I am quite in love with our collaborative piece. And if you want to see her take on my background -she will share it with a video on Monday. I do hope we get to make more art together in the future and as I said Lettuce build a better tomorrow. 

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