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Time to show my last tries on sketching. I really enjoy doing this as a little part of creative time .

Here I tried to capture our fire place- I guess sketching a fire is a bit difficult especially if you try to sketch and watercolor in candle light…and..ahem…our fireplace is actually not crooked ;)


And then the next try was to sketch our christmas tree. It was funny- first I was going nuts on the little details…and then I just kind of went with the shape of the tree and I mean…yes to you it might look like just an ordinary attempt to sketch a tree- but this is pretty much the shape and look of our tree …well kind of….well…who cares… I had fun and I love how a few scribbles can show a lot.



I will keep on going with my sketching – it is good to go out of my comfort zone when being creative and I realize it is a good way to get an better eye to details around me.

Have a wonderful day

Huge hugs



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  • Deborah


    Hi Nat–I wish you and your family a great holiday season and a happy 2014! I wish that you and Julie were two of my best girlfriends, but that is a fantasy, I guess! I love you both. You are so lucky to have each other as friends!


  • Donna


    Your crooked fireplace and Christmas tree sketches are lovely, keep up the great work and Merry Christmas to you and your husband.



  • Nurse-Ratchet


    Well, I cannot find the pickle!!??!!??


  • scrapinsue


    I love that you are showing us your sketches Nat.
    Brave of you. I do some sketches in a notebook while out and about and I am always impressed with how my son can just draw and not get stuck in the details. I guess that I’m still learning to let go of the final product.


  • Leigh


    I think they are great. Who cares if its a littl slanted???? You did it. That’s the key point? Who else is brave enough to try it & show it to the world??? I’m not! That’s hey they hide in my art journals! Lol


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