This Picture….

will always crack me up – we laughed so much in Amsterdam doing this silly pose.

Who says working isn’t fun sometimes- LOL. A., Sharon Laakkonen, Wendy Senger and Kelly Goree doing the stop motion. All the people around us must have thought that there were several screws loose – LOL.  And that reminds me…I really want to go back to Amsterdam. It is such an awesome city.

supplies:  Studio2Mer, Rose Moka letters, SCRAPBOOK ADHESIVES by 3L E-Z Runner; Glass Pebbles by Eco Green Crafts

I wish you an amazing day today and a great weekstart!


P.S. my Über*Media Gesso workshop started yesterday but you can still sign in.


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  • Françoise Melzani


    j’aime baucoup cette page réalisée avec la collection “Maisons de Fées” que j’ai dessinée pour Studio2mers !!!
    cela me fait plaisir de voir ce que d’autres créent avec mes papiers !


  • Stine Maansen


    Im always amazed by your ability to use lots of colors and still manages to not make it a big mess.

    Great page!


  • france papillon


    oh wow, this page really speeks to me! love the colors and the pictures and the houses and the tags and the spots and every thing about it! yummi!


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