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Inspired by: Birmingham, England Part 2

Now- are you ready for my favorite part of the trip with Birgit Koopsen to Birmingham? Well ….lemme show you :)

this awesome fox put together with different parts of plywood was around the corner of our AirBnB. We went one of the two days we spent in Birmingham to explore the neighborhood of Digbeth, which we had heard was fun.

We entered Streetart and Graffiti Heaven – we couldn’t believe the many many awesome and different inspiring walls !

Loving the colors here and the lettering

Look at Birgit going :)

Wherever we turned there was something

This one was ne of my favorites – the colors the background- LOOOOOVEEEE

The patchwork fish – such a great inspiration to use collage paper

The colors again!

Look at the amazing giant stencil below


More awesome stencil work!

And this one …another patchwork- so so so amazing!!!!

Funky stuff – also very inspiring colorwise

I mean come on…..stooooooopppp it

This one in different grey tones and pink and magenta- LOVE

weird attempt of a selfie- but there you go ;)

old warehouses and parking lots

This one is funny

These were everywhere

Loe the color blocking and the face

Hilarious with the open door

Can you tell we already had fun …but wait

We found this little graffiti store and they offered workshops – so we went in and asked how long in advance you have to book to take a graffiti workshop. The answer was one week. We made a very sad face and told them we were leaving the next day …and so they took pity on us and arranged for us to come back a couple hours later and we slipped into these painting overalls and learned lettering with a spray can ….

Look at me…I look like a bumble bee hahahaahaha- it was hilarious and so much fun!

We learned a lot- including that we need a LOOOOOOOOTTT of practice – and that working on a large scale with your spray paint can and trying to control it makes your hands hurt.

Our teacher had us battle too – we had to both write color in 10 Minutes – we almost lost it laughing because he would yell out “POLICE” every couple minutes. Be assured though, this wasn’t an illegal action, we were in a little outside shop that belongs to the store.

OH man – look how sad this looks LOL

But I still love it

BTW …Birgit cheated she sprayed with two cans – -hahahha- just kidding.

It was such a fun and great afternoon with this spontaneous workshop – I will never forget it. I think you can easily see why this was my favorite day in Birmingham.

Thanks so much for joining me on this little Inspiration trip- hope you enjoyed it :)

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  • Textile Ranger


    Last year I got to go to Fort Smith, Arkansas, and they are starting to build up a collection of murals. I think they want to be Birmingham when they grow up! :) I was sad this wasn’t about Birmingham, Alabama, because that would be easier for me to visit. But I was glad to see so much great art. Thanks for putting them together in this post.


  • Sue Clarke


    Love the tie one as it made me smile. How fun to get to do the workshop at the last minute. POLICE!
    The Native American one is my favorite as well. I can reach in and feel the rocks.


  • Jill


    Wow! So much fun. Looks like the two of you had a great time. Amazing place.


  • Joanne Howard


    Wow! So much to look at! The two of you were hilarious! Nat you look like a gansta with your arms folded in your red coveralls! So cute!

    I have to go back and look at the pictures again since there was so much to see in the details. Thanks for posting these!


  • Laura Weed


    WOW! There are some serious artists in Birmingham! Some of those just blew me away! This has definitely become a “must see” vacation spot now! The graffiti class looks like the MOST fun! That writing style is so unique and those pieces just always look like so much work. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pieces with us!


  • Bea


    I enjoyed this a lot. Creepy, hairy hand spider…


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Inspired By: Birmingham, England Part I

Before teaching in Coventry, my sweet friend Birgit Koopsen and I met in Birmingham to spend a couple days there and hash out some fun plans :)

We had rented an airBnB in China Town and we made good use of being so close to many wonderful restaurants.

Some fun street art around on our way to the Birmingham Art Museum

I loved the statues in front of the museum

It was an interesting museum for sure – small section with different themes and we were looking for things that would inspire us.I mostly saw patterns and texture that day -but see yourself

Loved the black and white drawing of the city.

And those little Pharao figurines as well

as the remains of this beading- how cool is that.

The hieroglyphs  – I am thinking of incorporating some of those symbols into my art journaling and then

check out this amazing frame! Isn’t it a piece of art by itself?

This was from a wooden wall- if I recall right -loved the bright and happy painting on it.

The industrial part of the museum – look at those chandelier fixtures- so cool.

The museum has a wonderful tearoom in which we enjoyed a really yummie High Tea

Wonderful tea, sandwiches etc. and we spent quite some time in there

Look at the funky modern High Tea display- loved that going along the industrial theme.

The mosaic on the floor was gorgeous but

looking up revealed a not so shabby view as well.

We walked to the Birmingham Library and we loved the facade –

Can you say stencil?

We also loved the inside of the library

and spent some time in the so called “Knowledge Lounge” in which you could hang out and read papers etc.

But look at this foyer

I thought it was beautifully done

We also followed this advice below…

although when walking downstairs ;)

On the top floor we found the Shakespeare room, which was lovely

and we enjoyed some modern architecture views of the city as well.

This is such a cool facade as well. Hope you enjoyed the little stint to Birmingham – more to come soon :)


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  • Joanne Howard


    Wow! What inspiration! Every picture had something to drool over! Speaking of drooling, love the red Coach saddle bag! Lol Excellent choice!

    Hmmm high tea, one of my favorite things. Thank you for sharing your journey!


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      LOL- it is my fave bag…well- besides a small floral bag that I just got- Love bags :)


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