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Gone Destination – Painting

I wanted share with you my painting “Gone Destination” which I had painted for one of the chapters of my book Artful Adventures in Mixed Media. The painting shows “Pearl Paint,  an art supply store, I used to visit often in NYC when I was still living in Germany and once in a while visit my family in the States. I loved this place and I loved the building. I was very sad when it closed down.  The paining is part of one of my chapters in my book where I show how and why I created the background – and what it was inspired by. I was pleasantly surprised that this was picked as the cover image for my book by the publisher (you see as an author you do not have a lot of say on that ;) ) . A student of mine, Julie B., really wanted it and so it is now on it’s way to California. I am so happy to know this painting that is so special to me will have a new loving home.

Speaking of Artful Adventures- are you playing along in the Stroll Through the Hood Challenge and Free Classroom? It is so much fun and I love seeing all the different “hoods” of those participating from all over the world, from all kinds of different neighborhoods- rural, urban …It is like an inspiring mini-vacation! Check it out if you haven’t yet and join the fun!

Have a wonderful day!

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