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The Sketchy History of Pencils

As some of you might know I live in the old Pencil #2 Factory in Jersey City. While there are no more pencils being made in my building, there is still the General Pencil Company which still operates here in Jersey City. I try to buy a lot of pencils (and also brush cleaner) from General Pencil Company because I love that they are right here and produce locally. No wonder I was totally happy to see this video by NPR’s Skunk Bear “A Sketchy History of Pencils” .

I love seeing how art supplies are being made. What art manufacturer would you like to visit to see how they make things?


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  • Sharyle


    Enjoyed this video! Fascinating to see how pencils are made. I’d love to visit the Golden paint factory and see how they make all those fabulous colors.


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Oh I would love to go there too Sharyle! Thanks for checking in :)


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